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Botox can temporarily erase or reduce completely horizontal forehead lines, vertical frown lines or crow's-feet. Botox can also lift the corners of the mouth, eyebrows, soften smoker's lines around the mouth, and soften vertical neck cords. Botox is used mainly to treat "dynamic" wrinkles in the upper face to „relax the muscles”. It’s one of the most effective treatment to reduce the wrinkles. In our Institute treatments are performed only by experienced and well-trained doctors so you can be sure you will get best possible service nad results.

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  • Treatment BOTOX / AZZALURE


    AREA price
    „Crow’s feet” 300-500 PLN
    „Lion’s wrinkle” 300-500 PLN
    Forehead (transverse wrinkles) 300-500 PLN
    bunny lines 300-500 PLN
    Face (upper treatments) from 800 PLN
    gummy smile 200-300 PLN
    diaphoresis feet from 1400 PLN
    diaphoresis hand from 1600 PLN
    transverse wrinkles on the neck from 750 PLN
    bruxism from 600 PLN
    * BOTOX/AZZALURE (1j.Botox 30 PLN , 10j. Azzalure-80 PLN ) The price depends on the number of used preparation
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