Laser hair removal is a procedure that is increasingly often chosen because of its effectiveness and long-lasting, satisfactory results. Laser hair removal is a modern procedure, which has its followers among both men and women. This type of treatment can be used on practically all parts of the body. The most frequently selected parts of the body to be depilated are: armpits, arms, face, legs, bikini zone, or buttocks. From year to year, the circle of supporters of laser hair removal is growing. The producers are outdoing each other in creating more and more effective lasers for hair removal of unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal how to prepare for the treatment?

First of all it is necessary to visit a specialist who will conduct the necessary interview and select the appropriate laser parameters. Additionally, the day before the epilation you should shave the places that will be treated with a razor. Two months before the planned treatment, you should not use a solarium. Self-tanner or sunbathing, mainly due to melatonin, which significantly attracts the laser beam. One month before the laser hair removal we should not use waxes. Before epilation, you should also stop drinking herbal teas. You should also remember to keep the skin properly moisturized and not irritated. On the day of the treatment, we do not use any make-up products or deodorants.

Laser hair removal indication for treatment

Laser hair removal is a procedure that can be performed due to such indications as excessive male type hair. It looks unsightly especially in women who have problems with hormones. In addition, it is worth thinking about performing this type of treatment with a tendency to ingrown hair. Hair growing under the skin often leads to inflammation. Inflammation of hair follicles is another indication for the treatment. Patients also often indicate that the treatment is performed for hygienic reasons. Another reason is that due to the fact that they have little time – they forget about removing excessive hair.

depilacja laserowa, laser hair removal

Frequency of treatment

First of all, the frequency of laser hair removal depends on the place on our body. If you decide to epilate your body, treatments should be performed every 6 or 8 weeks. Facial hair removal -interval between treatments should not be longer than 4 to 6 weeks. Remember that we will get rid of unwanted hair only if we are systematic, i.e. we perform repetitions and an appropriate number of series.

IPL and laser what is the difference?

The first and most important difference between these two methods is the period of their operation. In the first case of the IPL method we talk about temporary dormancy of the hair. In the case of laser hair removal we talk about getting rid of the hair for good. Another difference between these two methods is the type of light used. The IPL method uses pulsed light, which unfortunately does not work on all hair, so it is not quite an effective method to get rid of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, uses a consistent beam of light. It works on all hair, so it is effective in removing it forever. The difference is also the number of treatments that should be performed in order to get rid of the hair completely.

Alma Soprano – safe laser

Alma Soprano is the most popular laser for several years. Mainly because of its effectiveness and safety of use. Alma Soprano is a laser that works on all types of hair. Thanks to the fact that the laser uses two techniques. Diode laser and pulsed light, evenly distributes the heat produced on the patient’s body, which leads to effective hair removal. An additional advantage of the Alma Soprano laser is the ability to remove hair from even the most inaccessible places on the body. The number of treatments using this type of laser depends in particular on the patient’s body. To ensure that the effect was satisfactory it is recommended to use from 6 to even 10 treatments, which should be performed at intervals of 6 or 8 weeks. After the whole series of treatments you will be able to see long-lasting effects.

depilacja laserowa, laser hair removal


Laser hair removal is not only effective and long-lasting, it also saves time. However, it should be remembered that not everyone can afford this type of treatment. The main contraindications preventing the procedure are: pregnancy and breastfeeding, fresh tan or drinking large amounts of herbal teas. In addition, the treatment is not performed in people who have psoriasis, diabetes or epilepsy and skin cancers, and have visible herpes. In addition, the laser hair removal procedure will not be performed in people who have a pacemaker implanted, have undergone surgery in a short period of time, have visible skin infections or interrupted skin continuity and have a tendency to scars on the skin.

If you have any of the above contraindications – an alternative surgery is waxing.

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