Massages and SPA rituals – why they are worth doing?

Life on the run is a sign of modern times. A multitude of professional and household duties, more problems and a lot of things on your mind make it difficult to stop and relax. Our society is more nervous than ever, which is the beginning of serious civilization diseases. How to prevent this? Slow down and put your body in the hands of massage specialists. With their help you will soothe your senses and chase away stress. Learn about massages and SPA rituals.

Overstimulation damages the nervous system

Just think back to the last time you had a chance to relax. In fact, without a smartphone in your hand or a TV or computer screen in front of you. Surely it’s been a while? Unfortunately, these days we don’t know how to relax. We spend all day fulfilling our work and home responsibilities. And when we are finally able to rest, we actually load our brains even more with more stimuli. Scientists are sounding the alarm that by spending a lot of time in front of the phone and computer, we are notoriously “overstimulated”.

What does this mean? Our brain has to cope with processing all the impulses that reach it. If there are too many of them, our nervous system becomes overloaded.

Symptoms of this are chronic fatigue, difficulty sleeping, less energy and a tendency to fall into depressive states. In the long run, this translates into the condition of the entire body and may be. The cause of contracting serious diseases of civilization through decreased immunity (for example autoimmune diseases). Before this happens, it is worth learning how to relax properly. Let’s combine the pleasant with the useful. Professional massages and SPA rituals may turn out to be a real recipe for your ailments.

Slow down, close your eyes, relax

Do you know that state when you can’t fall asleep despite being extremely tired? This is one of the symptoms of exhaustion. The body needs rest and deep relaxation, thanks to which literally all the tension accompanying us disappears. During a massage, thanks to properly selected techniques and skilled hands of the masseur, every muscle will feel a real relief. Not without reason, massage is one of the oldest healing methods. What are the other benefits of putting yourself in the hands of a massage therapist? First of all, massage will take care of our mental health. It will help to achieve a state of bliss and proper relaxation, necessary to feel peace and harmony.

What is missing most in today’s world.

Of course we should remember about the beneficial effect of massage on our bodies: pain disappears, inflammation decreases. The immunity of the body increases, blood and lymph circulation improves, muscle tension is eliminated and much more. During a massage endorphins, the hormones of happiness, are also released.

With every touch of the masseur’s hand, all the stress and tension disappears, and after the massage you get a powerful dose of energy and you are ready to face the next challenges ahead of you. Sounds encouraging? And it will get even better, especially since there are many types of massages and SPA rituals.masaże i rytuały SPA

It is worth starting your adventure with massage from the classic full body massage.

It is a great introduction to the world of relaxation, during which all muscle tensions are effectively eliminated and after its completion you feel like a newborn. The treatment uses traditional massage techniques (including rubbing, stroking, kneading and patting), and their intensity is selected according to your needs.Every part of the body is perfectly massaged, blood circulation improves and the mind enters a state of absolute bliss and harmony.

If, on the other hand, in addition to soothing your body and senses, you need something more, even spiritual.

The ideal choice will be a relaxing massage with elements of Lomi Lomi. This technique comes directly from Hawaii. And who better knows the true relaxation than the inhabitants of this paradise island? Lomi Lomi is a massage whose aim is to unite three spheres: physical, emotional and spiritual into one harmonious whole. The movements performed by the masseur with the forearms are smooth and graceful. The feeling of extraordinary relaxation is further enhanced by the use of special oils with aromatherapeutic properties.

masaże i rytuały SPA,Massages and SPA rituals

Candle or volcanic stones

When choosing a massage, you can take advantage of a wide range of different additives and elements with specialized properties. It can be for example hot chocolate or… candle. Rest assured, this is not an ordinary candle. Of course, but an oil candle, which has a beneficial effect on the mind and body. Candle, melting, on the one hand, emits a beautiful scent, which affects the introduction of the mind in a state of relaxation.

The warm oil coming from it, applied to the body pleasantly warms. And thus gets rid of the muscle tension and affects the feeling of intense pleasure. Candle massage is one of the favorites of women who need to take care of all their senses. The magical power of the oil and its scent will be present on the body for many hours, so you will feel peace and harmony for a long time after the treatment.

masaże i rytuały SPA,Massages and SPA rituals

We hope that massages and SPA rituals are no longer a mystery to you and you already know which one is for you. We also invite you to endermologie and redustim treatments.

Volcanic stones, which also belong to well-known massage techniques, are also helpful in achieving a state of tranquility. What is it about? The stones, which are sourced from places like Hawaii or Balinese (where there is a lot of volcanic activity), are placed in a special way on the body. The warm stones are complemented by a specialized massage with relaxing and revitalizing and even healing properties. As a result, your senses are stimulated, your mind relaxed and you are ready for action. You can enjoy a wide range of massages, including the ones mentioned above, at J’adore Institute in Krakow and Warsaw.