Many women after acne is struggling in adulthood, even though it is associated with the time of youthful puberty. It is a very troublesome ailment considering that the face is our business card and often in important life situations it is the sphere of first impression. These pimple-like changes not only adversely affect the appearance but can also be painful. All these factors make us feel ashamed and our mental comfort is disturbed. It often happens that women want to eliminate this problem by themselves resorting to various means. For example, they use different creams, perform certain treatments at home or take the so-called miracle supplements. When these independent actions do not bring results, they spend more and more money on new products. It is bringing their complexion to a worse and worse condition. Experience an effective treatment for enlarged pores, pimples, eczemas!

So how to get rid of acne?

The answer is simple – go to a specialist cosmetologist. In the office, the condition of the skin is evaluated, starting from its type, through the depth, type and size of changes. The consultation ends with the adjustment of adequate therapy together with issuing appropriate recommendations for skin care and lifestyle. Effective methods to reduce ankle changes are treatments using chemical peelings. Our clinic recommends Mediderma and Dermaquest scrubs. These companies have a high reputation in the cosmetic environment. They are famous for innovation and pioneering in introducing products designed only for professional use.

Types of chemical peelings to fight pimples. Learn about the effective treatment for enlarged pores

Mediderma salicylic peeling called salpeelic is an ideal treatment for enlarged pores. As the name suggests, its composition contains mainly salicylic acid (15%). Its source is willow bark. The advantages of this acid include its keratolytic effect on dead epidermis (dissolves it), bactericide and antiseptic properties. The second component of this peeling is citric acid, which has a similar effect, but its purpose is to slow down the development of bacterial outbreaks in the skin.

Other elements of this chemical treatment are: ethyl linoleate and ethyl citrate (anti-inflammatory effect), silanols (antioxidant effect), lactoferrin (antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiseptic and protective effect), zinc (reduces the amount of DHT hormone causing acne and is antibacterial), ceramides (regenerates the epidermis, strengthens the protective barrier). Therefore, when we decide on this treatment, we are sure that our face will be thoroughly cleansed and regenerated. Salicylic peeling is also not only helpful in acne problems, but can be used to fight other diseases such as psoriasis or seborrhea. It is recommended to perform it in the autumn or winter season.

zabieg na rozszerzone pory, Treatment for enlarged pores

Mediderma’s Ferulic Peeling includes two types of treatments, Ferulac Peel Classic (used throughout the year) and Ferulac Peel Plus (containing additional fruit acids, not used during the summer). Both form a combined therapy called Ferulac Peels Booster System. The main ingredient here is ferulic acid (12%), which has antioxidant, sunscreen, pro-vitamin, inhibiting melanin synthesis, improving skin tone. The system is enriched with florrentine, which is a catalyst for the peeling substance. It protects the elastin in the skin and is also an antioxidant. Fruit acids (malic, lactic, citric) accelerate the absorption of beneficial substances by the skin. This peeling therefore has a regenerating, protective, smoothing and nourishing effect on the skin and makes it look radiant.

Mediderma pyruvic peeling is a treatment based on pyruvic acid and it reaches into very deep layers of skin.

It has a keratolytic, exfoliating and regenerating effect (it stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and glycoproteins. Additionally, moisturizing – creates a natural protective barrier transforming into lactic acid through contact with water molecules in the skin. Exfoliated parts of the face, however, are not dried out here, thanks to the moisturizing properties of the treatment.

One of the most popular treatment for enlarged pores – Dermaquest pumpkin peeling

It contains pumpkin extract (contains vitamins B, C, PP and K and beta-carotene. It stimulates collagen and elastin production), retinol 4% (anti seborrheic and anti-inflammatory effects), glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids. In addition, the preparation also has azelaic and kojic acids to reduce skin loyalty. It is worth adding that thanks to pumpkin extract, the formula is rich in probiotics. It is an antibacterial and protective component.

Azelaic peeling in its composition contains azelaic acid, which is obtained from cereal grains. This acid, as discussed earlier, has antiseptic and antimicrobial, anti-seborrheic, nourishing and regenerative properties. Although it is used in chemical peeling, after this treatment the skin remains insensitive to harmful external factors (such as sunlight).

zabieg na rozszerzone pory, Treatment for enlarged pores

Other peeling treatments to help combat pimple lesions

Hydrogen treatment in combination with an LED treatment. This treatment involves the introduction of hydrogen particles under the skin in a stream of water using a special device acting on negative pressure. The task of hydrogen is to penetrate deep into the epidermis and neutralize free radicals (antioxidant and purifying effect). This treatment also has a smoothing function, thanks to cavitation peeling. The action of LED light, on the other hand, accelerates the regenerative processes of the skin.

Corundum or diamond microdermabrasion. It is a mechanical peeling. It consist the use of an appropriate device, equipped with a diamond or a conduit head. The head in this case has abrasive properties of the epidermis, so skin imperfections are also removed. Thanks to this, the face is more rejuvenated, radiant and smoothed.

Effects after peeling treatments

The aim of the treatments is to reduce peri-inhabitation keratosis, kill anaerobic bacteria, reduce skin loyalty, lighten the skin, narrowing the hair follicle mouth commonly called “pores”.

Treatment for enlarged pores. What does a full cycle of treatments look like?

The average series of treatments are 4 treatments every 7-21 days, depending on which peeling a cosmetologist will use during the visit. Another important aspect is the selection of appropriate home care. We usually recommend cosmetics of the peeling brand, because we maintain the obtained treatment effects. After the treatment the most important is photoprotection and the use of creams with SPF 50. All the above mentioned treatments can be performed in our salon in Warsaw.

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