Laser and its light is the basis of many treatments in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. A lot of women and men can’t imagine life without laser hair removal, among other things. However, recently a very popular keyword typed into Internet search engines is “effective fractional laser Warsaw”. What is fractional laser and how does it work? For whom the treatment using it is dedicated?

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Fractional laser is a device that emits light of a specific wavelength. The rays penetrate deep into the skin and are absorbed by water present in our tissues. When this happens, the water is rapidly heated and vaporized, and with it the tissue on which the radiation has acted. In simpler terms, the skin we act on is simply burned away. But rest assured! The essence of this treatment is that we are damaging the skin we are acting on, not the entire surface. By burning the skin, we mobilize our body to rebuild itself.

For whom is fractional laser treatment?

The treatment is mainly applied to people struggling with wrinkles, scars and broadly defined skin damage. Indications for performing this procedure are e.g. acne scars, skin discolouration, enlarged pores or stretch marks. It is worth remembering to go to a suitable cosmetic salon or aesthetic medicine clinic, where effective fractional laser treatments are performed, to find out whether the treatment is dedicated just for us. There are a number of contraindications to perform such a procedure. These include psoriasis, vitiligo, epilepsy, herpes, hepatitis, isotretinoin treatment or immunosuppressive therapy.

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Laser frakcyjny - charakterystyka i zastosowanie

How does the treatment look like?

First of all, you should know that fractional laser treatment is performed under local, superficial anesthesia. The substances used for this type of anesthesia are often Emla cream, which contains lidocaine and prilocaine. Sometimes patients are also given oral analgesics. Thoroughly clean the skin before the procedure. The doctor performing the procedure evaluates the condition of the skin and selects the appropriate options on the laser device, i.e. energy density, pulse density, pulse duration, shape and number of repetitions. For greater comfort, cold winds are very often used. The entire treatment takes about 15 minutes, although it sometimes takes up to 45 minutes. It all depends on the area of the skin and its condition.

Immediately after the treatment, the skin is again very carefully cleaned. Applied on it nourishing cream, which moisturizes the skin and accelerates its regeneration. Of course, these are creams from a line of natural cosmetics, with a certain composition, without alcohol. It is recommended to apply such a cream every day after the procedure to help the skin recover.

For the first few days after the procedure, you should avoid contact with the sun and lead a relatively frugal lifestyle. It is advisable to simply rest for 1-2 days at home.

Skin healing

Of course, fractional laser treatment is invasive, so some changes may occur on the skin. Effects such as erythema or swelling are a natural state of affairs and should not worry us. Skin redness is nothing more than increased blood flow through the tissues on which the radiation has acted. In some patients, however, this symptom may persist for up to a month.

On the second day after the procedure, the skin begins to brown and peel. As a result, soft, pink, new skin appears underneath the peeling layer.

Laser frakcyjny - charakterystyka i zastosowanie


When searching for an effective fractional laser in Warsaw, we may come across numerous beneficial effects of this treatment. These include, of course, improved skin tone, even skin texture, reduction of wrinkles, discoloration and scars, and narrowing of enlarged pores. Such effects are guaranteed by an effective fractional laser in Warsaw, and certainly at our salon, J’adore Institute. You can make a reservation online!

The effectiveness of the fractional laser treatment depends primarily on the knowledge, skills and experience of the doctor and the patient’s compliance with his recommendations before and after the treatment.

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