Scars healing. Causes of scars

As mentioned earlier scars can have very different causes. The human body suffers many minor or major injuries and diseases throughout life. Many of these leave visible marks that can develop into scars. The most common causes of scarring include:

  • any bacterial infection such as streptococcus or staphylococcus,
  • various diseases,
  • parasitic diseases (e.g. itching),
  • a history of atopic dermatitis,
  • thermal and chemical burns,
  • frostbite,
  • skin tumors,
  • acne,
  • accidents, surgeries and random events.



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How long scars are healing?

Scars form after surgery, trauma or inflammation and have different stages of healing. Immediately after the skin structure has been compromised, they are focal and pathological in nature. It can be said to be the product of infinite skin regeneration.

Scars healing takes place in a more certain way. To accelerate this process, it is worth deciding on the right care. Certainly, cleansing is important and also moisturizing is needed to protect the skin. Another issue is the use of ointments, which thanks to their unique composition accelerate healing and reduce the final size of scars.

It is also worth mentioning that scars healing, just like all other processes in the body, requires a proper diet, which will be a kind of a driving force for the changes taking place. Wound healing and the final appearance of scars can be the result of a deficiency of various minerals and vitamins.

For those more advanced and significant scars, of course, treatment may also involve various treatments.

Fractional laser as an effective treatment for reducing unwanted scars

One of the most effective solutions for scar reduction is the use of fractional laser. This treatment has proven to be extremely helpful in many situations. It is particularly worth recommending in the case of facial scars, which are very often the cause of complexes.

The procedure of laser scars removal is popular since recently. It is carried out in aesthetic medicine clinics. In addition to removing scars, lasers also allow for the correction of wrinkles and unsightly stretch marks.

The use of fractional laser involves directing the beam of light deep into the skin, up to the subcutaneous tissue and dermis. This process leads to micro-damage and a photothermal reaction. The water in the tissue evaporates, which naturally leads to skin reconstruction and increased collagen production.

For the effect of the treatment to be permanent and satisfying at the beginning you should not decide to take hot baths, use the sauna or sunbath. It takes about four to six weeks to fully recover from the procedure.

Although laser scar removal seems to be an ideal solution, it is worth emphasizing that in no case can this solution be used in people who suffer from cancer or serious skin diseases.

Jak długo goją się blizny, scars healing

Estgen + fractional mesotherapy – a novelty on the cosmetology market in the fight against scars

Fractional laser is not the only solution which can be used to get rid of bothersome and disfiguring scars! The procedure using EstGen products is a true innovation in cosmetological treatments! The treatment consists in introduction of a therapeutic preparation to deeper skin layers by means of fractional mesotherapy – DermaPen! EstGen preparations successfully accelerate scars healing, reduce existing scars,  contribute to much faster reconstruction and regeneration of tissues, which affects the real reconstruction of the skin structure. The effect of treatment with estGen products is: improves density, soothes inflammation, brightens discolorations, etc. Both treatments can be performed at J’adore Institute, a beauty salon in Warsaw. Sign up for a treatment via the online form today!