How to effectively fight discoloration and stains?

It is hard not to agree that freckles add charm and are a charming element that decorates our skin not only on the face but also on the body. The problem, if they are unevenly distributed and too extensive, creates spots around the mouth or on the body. These are the so-called pigmented changes that most people choose to fight. Discolorations, as we call them, are often the result of skin problems we struggle with during acne or excessive exposure to sunlight.

Discolorations – what you need to know about them.

Changes such as discolorations occur when the melanocytes do not work properly. These are the cells responsible for the formation of melanin, the skin pigment. Sometimes they are misplaced and too active and produce too much dye. The most common places of freckles and discoloration are hands, face, décolletage, forearms, shoulders in themselves or calves. This is also a consequence of hormonal problems. The effect of skin lesions on the disease and the effect of drugs. Some medicines contain photosensitizing substances and may cause more frequent occurrence of discoloration. Discoloration also increases with age and the skin becomes more susceptible to it.

Causes of discoloration

A common cause of their appearance is the action of hormones. During pregnancy or while taking contraceptives, women complain about the excessive occurrence of spots on the body. The forehead and mouth area are sensitive areas of their occurrence.


Inflammations of appendages, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism of adrenal cortex are other causes of disease. An additional phenomenon that promotes the formation of discoloration are hormonal diseases. Among other things, hormonal acne, which attacks the body and its various surroundings – most often the temples, jaws, but also the cleavage or back, usually leaves traces. After the treatment of fresh lesions, patients often struggle with the leftovers of acne. There are many cosmetics on the market that have high concentrations of acids and ingredients that help in the fight against discoloration.

There are different methods of how to fight against hyperpigmentation. However, not everyone uses them regularly and not everyone is careful to follow the recommendations. For this reason the effects can wait a really long time and with discoloration or other scars the key factor is time. It is easier to cure fresh scars, not those that are exposed to excessive sunlight among others. It is worth remembering this.

What treatments will help you to eliminate and fight discoloration?

In our salon we work on 4 solutions to discoloration problems. We recommend patience and regularity of treatments for best results. Most often there are 4 treatments at intervals of 2 or 3 weeks. During which time the skin can regenerate and be better prepared for the next intervention in aesthetic medicine. The skin has this to itself that it regenerates really quickly. A 2 week break is often enough.

One of the 4 treatments that we can offer in the fight against hyperpigmentation is TRX peeling by mediderma. It is a non-invasive treatment and fully safe, and most importantly for many clients, a painless treatment. TRX stands for tranexamic acid, which acts directly on melanin. It will work well against long-term discoloration. It is a sensational treatment that will not only combat current discoloration but also stop the formation of new ones.

Nomelan cofeico – another treatment which is the best alternative to the treatment with phenol. It is a line of modern peelings, which includes ingredients that deal with discoloration sensationally. Among others, coffee acid, ferulic acid, rosemary acid, retinol, TCA or AHA.

DYE Vl is laser discoloration removal. It is used to remove stains on the body, but also on the face. In addition to effective removal of discoloration provides photo-rejuvenation of the skin, improving its tension and density. The pores are definitely reduced and thanks to this you can achieve the effect of healthy, well-groomed skin.

Collagen Booster is designed for gray and tired skin, which is just struggling with the problem of discoloration, limpness, lack of tension. It is a treatment using strong moisturizing ampoules, which are pressed into the skin completely painlessly.

All these treatments will be effective to fight discoloration and help you get rid of it.


Skin care with hyper pigmentation.

There are more and more solutions to the problem of discoloration on the market. Therefore, it is worth looking for a treatment that will meet our expectations. The above mentioned are some of the ones that are assessed as the most effective. However, each looks different and is performed in a different way. It is worth to take advantage of previous consultations or to broaden one’s own knowledge on this subject at the source. Should be remembered that every time we work on our skin is appropriate. It is also worth remembering that the basis of healthy and radiant skin is care and at the same time preventing problems.

It is worth taking advantage of treatments that will not only save our skin from problems, but also ensure its longer vitality, preventing the formation of further imperfections.

We invite you to get to know our offer in detail. We will do everything to help you choose the right treatment that will help to eliminate the existing discoloration. And you already know that you can fight against discoloration in many ways.