The most representative part of our body and there is no doubt about it is… the face. That is why we make every effort in everyday care to be able to look attractive and healthy. Women try to hide their imperfections under make-up, while men use foams or face gels. One of the biggest worries of people taking care of their appearance are skin discoloration. How to deal with such a problem on a daily basis. And most importantly, what are the most effective methods of fighting spots?

Where do discolorations come from?

Before we move on to discussing daily care, it is worth knowing why our skin does not have a uniform color. Scientific research indicates that in such an organism there are irregularities in the action of melatocytes, i.e. cells that produce melanin responsible for the skin tone. Melatocytes at certain points on the body may be too active, so they produce too much pigment.

In general, discoloration occurs in places exposed to the sun: face, décolletage, shoulders, forearms, hands and even calves. Unfortunately, stains intensify with age, so we should be careful with excessive tanning. Phototoxic substances in medicines, perfumes(!) and body cosmetics should also be avoided. Therefore, if we avoid the sun and discolorations continue to appear. It is worth checking the composition of the lotions used. It is best to go to a dermatologist in such a situation. Because perhaps the condition of our skin has also suffered from inflammation and hormonal changes in our body.


Skin care with discoloration

You need to approach the fight against spots on the body with peace of mind. Excessive stress and frustration will not help the treatment.  And may even contribute to other ailments, and that is not the point. Above all, it is worth focusing on reducing inflammation. After consultation with a dermatologist, who will recognize what kind of discoloration we are dealing with. The specialist can prescribe us lightening creams. You should additionally use cosmetics containing the following ingredients: vitamin C, umbeliferon, kojic acid and arbutin.

As mentioned earlier, stains can be caused by hormonal changes, so young people unfortunately also have stains on their skin. Any treatment for discoloration will also affect the care of acne skin. After all, this is what it is all about, in order to fight against all the disorders in their entirety and irreversibly.

Let’s remember! When we are prone to skin discoloration, do not hesitate to visit the dermatologist. An ordinary spot can be a harbinger of more serious diseases. So during everyday care it is important to be aware of the condition.  Of our skin and know about the ingredients that have a bad influence on it.

Treatments in the office

When we have nothing left but cosmetic treatment, we should prepare ourselves for the fact that it is a long-term but extremely effective process. The recommended series is 4 treatments every 2-3 weeks. Thanks to the recommendations of the dermatologist we will know what method is suitable for our skin.

For example, Mediderma TRX peeling is dedicated to people with heterogeneous pigmentation and discoloration. The treatment effectively blocks the formation of plasmin/plasminogen system. Stops the division and proliferation of melanocytes and limits the ability to form proteoglycans. The peeling stops the excess arachidonic acid and angiogenesis cycle. And prevents the appearance of possible post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, accelerating the restoration of skin barrier function.

Chemical peels

Nomelan cafeico is a different kind of peeling designed for the treatment of skin with photoageing, various types of discoloration, deep and shallow wrinkles and stretch marks. The procedure uses many active substances in several concentrations. In order to adjust the treatment to the sensitivity of the skin, its needs and dermatological problems. The peeling includes resoncinol, salicylic acid, lactic acid and citric acid. Nomelan cafeico peeling has the ability to rebuild the skin, soothes inflammation and brightens sunspots.


Collagen booster, on the other hand, is a serum used in cosmetic treatments in order to restore the proper condition of the skin. It helps to rebuild the structure, smoothes and gives the same color. It is worth adding that the serum stimulates the production of collagen and is mainly intended for the face.

DYE VL laser treatment is extremely effective and recommended for people with skin discoloration. It is recommended when removing, among other things, hormone stains, after pregnancy. After damage caused by a visit to a solarium and after cosmetics. Specialists emphasize that there is a chance to get rid of stains completely after the first visit to the DYE VL laser treatment.  It should be remembered. However, that immediately after the removal of stains for a few days you have to use soapless skin cleansers. And under no circumstances should you use cosmetics containing alcohol.


So if you have problems with skin discoloration, make an appointment with your dermatologist immediately, and then take advantage of the above mentioned treatments, which are available in J’adore Institut salons in Krakow and Warsaw.