What is erythema?

Erythema is a localized reddening of the skin surface that is a common dermatological symptom. Such changes may be the result of an infection in the skin, a sign of inflammation, or simple local irritation. It is produced by rapid dilation of blood vessels and rapid blood flow. In some cases, the erythema may resolve on its own, while others unfortunately require appropriate treatment. Dilated capillaries can be more than just an aesthetic problem. So the excessive presence of this imperfection should not be underestimated. Check out how to remove erythema and dilated capillaries on the face!

If you sometimes blush after drinking wine, you probably have a problem with dilated capillaries. The so-called vascular complexion is a problem that affects many women of all ages. In most cases, genes are responsible for the cause (even 80%). Hypertension, circulatory problems, hormonal disorders and even problems with the digestive tract. Fans of tanning beds, high-heeled shoes and people leading sedentary lifestyles are also in the group of increased risk.

Skóra naczynkowa - zasady pielęgnacji latem

Is it possible to prevent the aggravation of the lesions?

The best natural remedy for broken capillaries is exercise and vitamin C.

Movement in any form not only improves your condition, but also improves blood circulation in the deep veins and capillaries. It is enough to walk half an hour a day, and if you have the opportunity then sign up for fitness or swimming pool.

A diet low in vitamin C can result in problems with the amount of collagen. Which makes the walls of blood vessels more flexible and strong. In addition to taking products rich in this microelement, you should consider supplementation with vitamins K and P. As well as preparations with rutin, extracts from linden, mountain arnica and recently popular ginkgo biloba. They strengthen the vessels, shrink and seal them, thus preventing them from bursting. It is often enough to go to the nearest pharmacy, where there are herbal mixtures with such an effect in the form of teas, but you should remember about the drugs you are taking and consult a similar treatment with your doctor.

Next in line are various creams for skin with vascular problems. Leading the way are products with vitamin K, which determines the proper blood clotting processes. The substances contained in them strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increase elasticity and reduce skin sensitivity. In the coming autumn-winter season it is worth taking care of the skin by using semi-oily or oily creams. Especially if the temperature falls below zero.

How to remove erythema and dilated capillaries on the face? – Laser removal of hyperpigmentation

Unfortunately, already formed changes can not be reversed even by the largest dose of vitamin C. A method of getting rid of the unwanted problem is to close the capillaries with ALMA HARMONY XL PRO laser. This is an advanced technology characterized by extremely high efficiency in the treatment of pigmented skin lesions of varying depth and intensity. The use of DYE-VL head allows to generate a pulsed light which closes them by changing their state of aggregation while reducing unwanted color. The application of this technology for vascular lesions is made possible by using a series of three filters that focus light in the narrow range of 500-600 nm. This is the safest wavelength, so the risk of tissue damage drops to almost zero. An effective laser session of this type can be carried out in cosmetic salons of J’adore Institute in Warsaw and Krakow.

The main effects of this non-invasive treatment are:

– reduction of erythema,

– removal of discoloration,

– removal of dilated capillaries,

– elimination of acne rosacea.

How does the procedure look like?

How to remove erythema and dilated capillaries on the face

The procedure itself takes from 30 to 60 minutes. The practitioner protects the patient’s eyes with special goggles, applies gel to the irradiation area and begins the treatment. Shortly after the session, swelling and redness will appear on the face, while the skin itself will appear tightly stretched. Thanks to the cooling technology that is built into the laser, the treatment is more comfortable to feel. However, you should avoid sunbathing and take care of your skin with the products recommended by your doctor.

As a rule, a series of treatments of 2 to 4 appointments every 2-3 weeks is used, and permanent effects are visible after a month.

Contraindications for this form of treatment include pregnancy, diabetes or use of photosensitizing preparations and anticoagulants.

Laser therapy can be supported by medical peelings, using among others azelaic acid. Its anti-seborrheic and anti-inflammatory properties are in perfect harmony with the process of convalescence after the procedure. You may experience some additional irritation at the beginning of the treatment. Caused by the skin’s normal reaction to azelaic acid, which usually subsides over the course of the treatment.

How to remove erythema and dilated capillaries on the face?

Take care of yourself!

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