Many people mistakenly believe that skin moisturization the is all about applying an oily skin care cream. However, it turns out that the process of moisturizing the epidermis is actually a complex phenomenon. It consists in the penetration of water into the body (up to the dermis and epidermis). And the individual ability of the skin surface to retain this molecule.  Water gets into the skin through the so-called osmotic pressures. It is estimated that the dermis has 20 to 80 % water. The closer the epidermis is to the skin, the smaller the proportion of water in the skin. The horny layer of the epidermis has the least water (about 15%).

TEWL what is it?

The process of reducing (losing) water in the skin is called “TEWL”. (transepidermal water loss). Increased TEWL often results from adverse weather conditions (e.g. strong wind, dry air, surfactants, excessive sunlight). Another reason for increased TEWL is the weakening of the hydrolipid mantle. Which naturally occurs on the skin (the so-called protective barrier). Another reason for the increased water escape through the skin may be the weakening of NMF (natural moisturizing factor). NMF is a term for water-binding substances that naturally occur in the human epidermis.

Skin moisturization – how to do it effectively?

It is worth to start with a modification of the current diet – exclusion or reduction of: salt, coffee, tea and alcohol will result in an increase in moisture and improvement of skin firmness. An additional advantage is the fact that a healthier diet contributes to a better mood. The next step is to consume at least 2 liters of water per day. In addition to acting from the inside, you should also act from the outside. In this regard, every effort should be made to minimize the escape of water from the epidermis. For this purpose it is necessary to rebuild the hydrolipidic jacket.

Skin moisturization

Right: Every kind of skin needs to be moisturized, owners of oily skin unfortunately often mistakenly assume that their skin should not be additionally moisturized. They stop using additional care products or reach for products with a drying effect. The effect? Oily skin in defense against excessive dryness produces even more sebum.

As you can see, using the wrong care. The real effect can therefore be the complete opposite of the results we wanted to achieve.

Home care for oily skin should consist of moisturizing substances, non-comedogenic nutrients and delicate cleansing products. Oily skin often has a tendency to develop inflammation and visible clogged pores. If the skin is undergoing dermatological treatment (use of antibiotic anti-acne ointment or oral medication), the likelihood of excessive dehydration and irritation is very high. Properly selected care will reduce the side effects of the dermatological therapy and enable comfortable, further treatment.

When home care is not enough…

In our Institute’s offer we have a wide range of treatments that have a positive effect on skin hydration. First and most popular group (especially in the winter season) are medical peelings and other Mediderma products. The preparations with the highest effectiveness are, among others Argipeel peelings (ideal even for very sensitive skin), Lactipeel (dehydrated and hyperpigmented skin), Azelac AZ (safe for vascular skin) and Mandelac M (for oily skin and with signs of ageing). The procedure of some moisturizing treatments can be additionally enriched with care ampoules, e.g. Natuvalia (dedicated mainly to sensitive skin with a tendency to redness). Mediderma preparations also work well in the so-called combined therapies – they can be combined with each other in different concentrations, creating a personalized treatment tailored to different skin needs.


Another example of effective moisturizing treatment is estGen. Dedicated to the skin requiring restoration of homeostasis (physiological processes in the skin). EstGen products, first of all, are characterized by high efficiency in the process of rebuilding the skin’s.  Hydrolipidic mantle, have an anti-inflammatory effect and significantly accelerate skin regeneration. EstGen products and procedures are multifunctional – they can be used during dermatoses (AD, psoriasis, acne vulgaris). They have a general improvement of skin structure and rejuvenating effect (wrinkle reduction, limpness, photoageing). People with dilated sebaceous glands and more or less deep scars will also be satisfied with the results of the therapy.


The moisturizing substances contained in some preparations can be applied both on the surface of the skin and directly in place of the problem – by means of injection.

Needle mesotherapy is a skin moisturization treatment that revitalizes, reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin. How does the procedure proceed? After a thorough makeup removal and disinfection of the skin surface, the ointment is applied which has an anesthetic properties. Thanks to local anesthesia, the discomfort and pain during the procedure are significantly reduced. After a dozen or so minutes the ointment works actively – safe injection with an individually selected preparation takes place. It is worth knowing that taking a large dose of water before (and immediately after the procedure) further increases the effectiveness of the moisturizing procedure. For health and beauty it is worthwhile to replenish the optimal amount of water every day.

Another, less invasive proposal of moisturizing treatment is the therapy with SKEYNDOR products. Sets are among the most moisturizing treatments: Power Hyaluronic and Aquatherm. Power Hyaluronic is a mainly moisturizing treatment – based on hyaluronic acid and xylitol. It is designed for every skin type, dedicated especially to the dry ones and those with a tendency to dehydrate.

Skeyndor treatment

The Aquatherm procedure bases its soothing properties on the action of thermal water, which effectively calms irritation and soothes inflammation. It also contains prebiotic sugars and NMF strengthening ceramides. The Aquatherm skin moisturization procedure is dedicated to dry and sensitive skin.

One of the undisputed advantages of Power Hyaluronic and Aquatherm treatments is the fact that they are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding (which makes them the most popular treatments for people who are looking for a gift for their future mother). Another advantage of SKEYNDOR treatments are positive sensory impressions i.e. one hour of relaxation.

Moisturizing treatments are a perfect complement to home care!
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