Well cared for, radiant skin is a hallmark of each of us. Unfortunately, every day our skin is exposed to impurities and bacteria.  Which lead to deterioration of its condition – clogged pores, blackheads, lumps and piglets. For this reason, manual cleansing face  is a procedure that has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years. It consists in manual face cleaning from closed changes such as piglets and blackheads. When is it worth to decide on manual cleansing. What does the treatment look like and what effects can be expected? The answers are given below.

Manual cleaning – when is it worth it?

First of all, you should remember not to decide to carry out the treatment yourself at home. Improperly performed cleaning can lead to the spread of bacteria all over the face. Scars and deterioration of the overall appearance of the skin. So it is worth to bet on the treatment in the beauty salon. Giving yourself into the hands of professionals will guarantee full hygiene and effectiveness.

Manual cleaning is especially recommended for people with contaminated skin. It may be caused by an incompetent selection of care cosmetics, regular use of comedogenic cosmetics. Walking to sleep with makeup or inaccurate makeup removal, notorious touching of the face with hands. Not changing the pillowcase on which we sleep, improper morning and evening cleaning, and many other factors. Owners of oily, acne and mixed skin are particularly susceptible to contaminated face. Increased production of sebum characteristic for this type of complexion results in increased frequency.  Of clogging of pores and formation of purulent changes and subcutaneous contamination. Oily complexion also often lacks hydration – common drying and invasive cleansing of the skin.  From sebum leads to its additional production, which makes the owner of such complexion itself closed in the so-called “vicious circle”.

How often should the treatments be repeated?

Recommended regularity of the treatment depends on the individual needs of each skin. It is recommended to perform it every 5-6 weeks.


How does manual cleaning look like?

The process of manual face cleansing takes from 30 to 60 minutes. In order to guarantee its effectiveness, the beautician takes a number of important steps, starting with makeup removal. Then the skin is toned to restore its proper pH level. The application of a small peeling is aimed at gently exfoliating the epidermis.  Which will allow to get rid of dead cells from the skin surface. The mask is then applied optionally. An important element of manual cleansing is to warm up the skin.

Which will extend the pores and facilitate the cleansing process. At this point we move on to the essence of the treatment – cleaning the face from blackheads, piglets and other non-inflammatory changes. After this step it is necessary to disinfect, which will not allow the spread of bacteria. Finally, there is the application of specialist soothing preparations, such as masks and creams, which will guarantee the skin’s respite.


Increased effectiveness

The increased effectiveness of the treatment can be achieved by combining different cleansing treatments, allowing for the accumulation of cleansing effects. The only one of them is the medical enzymatic-chemical treatment DermaQuest, which is based on a safe concentration of acids on the skin. Another treatment worth considering is light therapy using PDT LED lamps. It has a regenerating effect on cells and increases their efficiency.

Cavitation peeling

The improvement of the skin’s appearance can also be achieved after treatment with cavitation peeling, which uses ultrasonic vibrations to increase cell metabolism and blood circulation. It also cleanses the skin of keratinized epidermis and eliminates excess sebum in pores. The innovative method of hydrogen purification of the skin is able to penetrate deeply into the structure of the skin through. Active hydrogen molecules and thoroughly cleanse it of free oxygen radicals, thus slowing down the process of premature skin aging.

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Excellent effects are also offered by the oxybrasion treatment, i.e. water-oxygen peeling. Afterwards, the skin rebuilds collagen fibers, reduces the width of pores, evens out its color, and gains firmness and hydration. Ladies dreaming of a smooth complexion can bet on diamond microdermabrasion, which, thanks to the use of suction and abrasive force of the diamond tip, leaves the complexion cleaned and smoothed after the first treatment. The contraindications for such treatment are only strong purulent lesions, which may become more severe after the diamond microdermabrasion treatment. High effectiveness and fulfilled expectations are the reason why this treatment is becoming more and more popular.


The combination of many types of treatments ensures that they work on many levels, increasing the effectiveness of each of them. All of the above mentioned treatments can be performed in our J’adore Institute beauty salons in Warsaw and Krakow. Contact us to make an appointment.