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Elemental Hair Analysis

If you would like to learn more about your health and the reason why, e.g. you feel lethargic, tired, your complexion is in poor condition or you have weak hair and nails, then you should be interested in the elemental analysis of hair - nutrition. This specialized laboratory test will provide you with a range of information about your condition, minerals, diet, toxic substances in the body or deficiencies. What's more, this diagnosis is often more accurate and precise than a blood test. Elemental analysis allows you to determine the state of micro- and macroelements in the body, in addition, measurements take into account the excess or deficiency of minerals, vitamins and water - a total of 29 elements (including five toxic). The service we present is necessary for disorders of the body - hormonal disorders, overweight problems, food allergies and intolerances, neurological disorders, etc.
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