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‘The Medical and Chemical peels” section includes a number of carefully selected, highly effective and fully safe treatments with a wide spectrum of action. Our customers will find here peelings recommended by world-class cosmetologists and dermatologists. All solutions presented by us are dedicated to specific skin problems. Medical peelings include treatments for skin discoloration and scars, treatments acting on the first signs of aging and wrinkles, peelings responsible for the reduction of shadows under the eyes and vessels, as well as a number of solutions to renew, rejuvenate and moisturize the skin.

We work on the most modern, effective and safe peelings of companies such as Mediderma, WiQo, Meoestetic, Croma, MM – coming to our salon you can be sure that you will be taken care of by trained and highly qualified specialists who will create a treatment tailored to the needs of your skin. Discover the most effective facial cleansing treatments.



For those who want a stronger effect we recommend, among others

  • Retises Ct treatment alone or in combination with other peelings, Target Nanopeel, Nomelan Cafeico, Perfect Peel
    different forms of TCA acid.
  • For those interested in skin refreshment we suggest, among others, treatments based on ferulic acid, vitamin C, DNA, lactic or lactiobionic peeling.
  • For those who would like to strongly stimulate the skin, but do not have time to exfoliate it, we suggest such treatments as PQ Age, PRX T-33 or Bio Re Peel Cl3 – these treatments will work not only for the face skin, but also for the whole body.
    We invite you to medical peelings in Warsaw!

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Whole body

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    Almond Acid
    PQ AGE
    Melaspeel J
    Collagen Booster

    Almond Acid Almond Acid

    Almond Acid is a peeling dedicated to all representatives of the fair sex, struggling with general skin problems. Relatively delicate solution will work perfectly with sensitive, poorly moisturized and not very elastic skin. Almond Acid quickly and effectively eliminates the first signs of skin aging and deeper wrinkles, allows you to get rid of acne once and for all, narrows the pores and reduces the appearance of blackheads, and improves the overall condition of the skin.

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    This is reliable medical peel that significantly improves the overall condition of the skin. This treatment will work for ladies struggling with wrinkles, loss of elasticity and radiance, discoloration, acne vulgaris or uneven skin. The unique formula consisting of several active ingredients has exfoliating, protective, stimulating and corrective effects.

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    Mandelac T is an extremely practical peeling that quickly and effectively lightens shadows under the eyes. The active ingredients firm and tighten the skin, and vitamin C contained in the preparation significantly improves its microcirculation making it better oxygenated and nourished. Mandelac T is a peeling dedicated exclusively to the eye area – full treatment to eliminate all skin problems consists of 4-6 treatments, performed at intervals of 2 – 4 weeks.

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    PQAge is a medical peeling with a lifting and firming effect, it has a great effect on skin reconstruction. Treatment with PQAge acid causes deep nourishment of the skin and stimulates internal reconstruction. PqAge effectively eliminates imperfections without causing harmful effects.

    Treatment using PQAge acid is currently one of the most innovative treatments with a lifting and firming effect available on the market. High-quality peeling has strong rejuvenating properties – it not only deeply nourishes the skin, but also stimulates its cells to rapid renewal. This solution will work well with general skin imperfections. PQAge is dedicated to representatives of the fair sex who prefer painless and non-invasive rejuvenating methods. Peeling can be combined with other cosmetic treatments, selected under the supervision of our specialists at the Institute in Warsaw.

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    Argipeel is a solution dedicated to people with sensitive skin. The combination of arginine and lactic acid effectively exfoliates, moisturizes and regenerates the skin, while normalizing the sebaceous glands and stimulating the circulatory system. Presented peeling is responsible for oxygenation and nourishment of the skin, which translates into a healthier and more aesthetic appearance.

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    Melaspeel J Melaspeel J

    Melaspeel J is a peeling for women struggling with acne and acne changes. This solution has a strong antibacterial effect – it effectively fights skin imperfections and soothes scars and stretch marks. Based on Jassner’s solution, Melaspeel J peeling tightens and rejuvenates the skin. In the case of sensitive skin, a few days after the treatment a slight redness may persist.

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    Here is a solution dedicated to people suffering from inflammatory acne. Salipeel Lic Nano is a peeling based on a carefully selected mixture of acids – salicylic, citric and linolenic. The active ingredients have an anti-inflammatory, exfoliating and cleansing effect – they regulate the skin’s cellular renewal, while moisturizing and strengthening its defensive mechanisms.

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    Ferulac is an innovative, highly effective treatment dedicated to women with aging skin. This peeling will be perfect for gray, tired and with clear signs of aging. The presented solution has a rejuvenating effect, reduces sun discoloration and unsightly skin changes, brightens and makes the whole look much younger and healthier.

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    DNA Recovery Peel is an innovative medical peeling based on nanotechnology, which we offer in our salon in Warsaw. Active ingredients closed in liposomes – fat bubbles – effectively penetrate into the skin, stimulating cells to repair damaged DNA. This treatment is perfect for keratinized skin, e.g. as a result of frequent contact with the sun or UV rays. DNA Recovery Peel has a repairing effect, as well as a preventive effect – it prevents photoageing of the skin.

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    TCA 15% is an innovative formula based on salicylic acid and TCA. The peeling significantly reduces wrinkles and minor skin imperfections, allows to effectively get rid of acne and acne scars, and eliminates the visible signs of skin aging. The treatment has an exfoliating and cleansing effect, reduces dilated pores, inhibits excessive sebum secretion, and supports the penetration of active ingredients in other treatments.

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    The Nomelan Cafeico peeling will work especially well with tired, gray skin, which shows signs of photoageing. The treatment quickly and effectively removes discoloration, regardless of the cause, reduces fine wrinkles and stretch marks, and brightens the skin. The use of carefully selected mixture of acids of different concentrations makes Nomelan Cafeico peeling can be used for all skin types.

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    High quality peeling for mature people. The treatment is perfect for tired, gray skin and with visible signs of aging. Carefully selected mixture of active ingredients restores skin firmness, moisturizes, reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates.

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    Collagen Booster Collagen Booster

    Collagen Booster is a visibly rejuvenating peeling that improves skin structure, eliminates acne scars and reduces stretch marks. The treatment perfectly strengthens the effects of rejuvenating therapies. Full treatment stimulates the process of creating new skin cells, improves the quality of the skin, inhibits the process of photoageing, has a depigmentant effect, as well as improves skin elasticity and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

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    Azelac Ru from Sesderma is a peeling dedicated to people struggling with capillary skin, erythema or rosacea. The active ingredients contained in liposomes quickly and effectively reach the deepest skin layers, reducing all visible imperfections.

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    A reliable peeling dedicated to people with gray and tired skin. The peeling quickly and effectively restores the natural beauty and radiance of the skin, regardless of age. Carefully selected mixture of active ingredients, including purple acid and vitamin complex (A+C+E) rebuilds the skin’s protective barrier, stimulates cells to produce collagen and elastin, neutralizes the action of free radicals and prevents skin aging. Hyaluronic acid in combination with vitamin C has a brightening and smoothing effect and improves the facial contour.

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    Retix C is an extremely intensive treatment dedicated to people with extremely damaged, damaged, tired skin with clear signs of skin aging. Active ingredients penetrate extremely deeply, stimulating cells to regenerate, strengthening the natural protective barrier of the skin, strongly moisturizing and effectively reducing all kinds of imperfections. The mixture of vitamin C, retinol and other antioxidants regulates the keratinization of the epidermis, the restoration of collagen and elastin, as well as the process of lightening pigmentation spots.

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    Retises CT is a highly effective peeling based on retinol and reliable vitamin C. The treatment has a strong rejuvenating effect – it reduces discoloration and skin changes, stimulates cells to regenerate, eliminates scars and furrows, and is responsible for a healthy appearance of the skin.
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    Target Nanopeel is a reliable nanotechnological peeling characterized by high efficiency for all types of melasma. Carefully selected active ingredients – retinol + tranexamic acid, azelaic acid, 4 butylresorcinol, diacetylboldins, alpha arbutin – inhibit the process of photoageing of the skin and reduce discoloration, acne and freckles. The whole has exfoliating, anti-inflammatory and brightening effects.

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    Types of acid Treatment Package
    Retises CT + Retinol 4%(skin aging, renewal) 350zł instead 299zł 950 zł – 3 session
    PQ AGE (strong skin lifting, rejuvenation) 350zł instead 400zł 1300 zł -4 session
    R-PEEL +acid pirogron (strong skin lifting, rejuvenation) 350 zł 950zł  instead 1120zł
    Glykopeel 50% Filorga (aging, lack of shine and firmness) 200,00 zł 600,00 zł – 3 session
    Almond acid (discoloration, acne, enlarged pores) 200,00 zł 499,00 zł- 3 session
    Retix C (skin aging, imperfections, renewal) 200zł instead 250zł 800zł instead 1000zł
    Mandelac T (dark circles under the eyes, bruising, horseshoes) 100,00 zł 300,00 zł – 4 session
    Mandelac T + Argipeel (dark circles under the eyes, moisturizing the skin) 190,00 zł 450,00 zł- 4 session
    Ferulac Booster Peel (Anti-age,melasma,sunspots) 300,00 zł 850 zł – 3 session
    Ferulac Classic Nano (anti-age, melasma,sunspots) 300,00 zł 850 zł – 3 session
    DNA Recovery Peel (DNA structure repair) 300,00 zł 850 zł – 3 session
    Lactipeel Mediderma(dry, dehydrated skin, wrinkles) 170,00 zł 400-3 session
    TCA 35%(scars, melissa, photoaging) 300,00 zł 1 100,00 zł
    Acne Peel (acne, seborrhea, youthful skin) 150,00 zł 450,00 zł
    SaliPeel Lic + retises 1%( severe acne, problem skin) 200,00 zł 460,00 zł- 4 session
    SaliPeel Plus + retises 1%(acne, severe skin problem) 200,00 zł 550,00 zł-4 session
    Melaspeel J (scars, acne, pitting, scars) 200,00 zł 700,00 zł-3 session
    Pyruvic acid (scars, acne, blackheads, rejuvenation) 250,00 zł
    C-Peel(brightening, relaxing, resting without peel skin) 130,00 zł 300,00 zł-3 session
    Acid AHA(rough, thickened skin, spots) 200,00 zł 700,00 zł
    Nomelan Cafeico Forte(scars, deep wrinkles) 400,00 zł 1 300,00 zł
    Collagen Booster (rejuvenation, removal of imperfections) 100,00 zł 350zł – 4 session
    Azelac Mediderma(rosacea, melasma, psoriasis) 200,00 zł 560zł-3 session
    Spa Peel Classic(cleansing and anti-aging treatment) 250,00 zł 650,00 zł
    Ferulac Classic z vitamin C (Anti-age i brightening) 290zł 1 120,00 zł
    Pyruvic Peel + Lactipeel(intensive moisturizing treatment) 210,00 zł 760,00 zł
    Pyruvic Peel Spa+C-peel+Resveraderm 249,00 zł 890,00 zł
    Mandelac Peel+ATPSES+Led cure 299,00 zł 1 100,00 zł
    Nomelan Cafeico (Discoloration) 400,00 zł
    Cosmelan / Dermamelan treatment + cream 1 600,00 zł
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