Prevention is key – don’t wait!

The well-known saying “prevention is better than cure” is perfectly applicable to skin. Improper care and use of poor quality cosmetics can lead to premature skin aging and numerous problems such as hyperpigmentation and acne. Do not ignore the signals sent by the skin and start appropriate care now! Remember, prevention is key!

Take care of yourself in the comfort of your own home

When we start to get sick, most often the body sends early signals that something bad is going on inside us. It is similar in the case of skin. Before serious problems begin, you may notice certain symptoms. Symptoms indicate that the care you have been taking so far is inadequate or you have not been engaging in it enough. So if the skin is gray and loses elasticity, probably the process of aging has begun. Strong greasy skin and blackheads, in turn, may signal that acne will soon affect us.

The first discoloration will certainly increase if we do not take care of it. Prevention, in the form of home care, is the basis. Daily cleansing, moisturizing and use of appropriate cosmetics will help prevent major skin problems. Even with specialized treatments at the beauty salon, it is necessary to care for the skin at home.

Prevention is key – start by cleansing your skin thoroughly

It probably goes without saying that going to bed wearing makeup is not a good idea… However, in addition to such a basic matter as makeup removal, you should remember to fully cleanse your skin. Without this, you can basically forget about having a beautiful, glowing complexion. Improper cleansing of skin from cosmetics and impurities will result in the formation of blackheads, excessive oiliness, greying and aging. Cleansing is the first stage of skin care, without which the next steps will not be effective.

So how to do it properly? A good idea is to use the Korean method of two-step cleansing. It involves using two different cosmetics: the first is a milk, oil or micellar lotion that will remove makeup and surface impurities. The second one can be a gel or foam – it is used with water. So the principle is simple, use one after the other, products with opposite formulas.

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Special task oils and gels

Which make-up remover should we reach for? Makeup remover oils are definitely worth recommending. It will gently and effectively remove even the heaviest makeup. Try, for example, Demaquest Universal Cleansing Oil. It is dedicated to all skin types, which contains cold-pressed oils and, apart from thoroughly removing makeup. Product will provide your skin with vitamins and strengthen its hydrolipidic layer. After removing make-up you can reach for Dermaquest C Infusion Cleanser or Demaquest Glyco Gel Cleanser. The former, thanks to its vitamin C content, will strengthen the skin’s repair functions and regenerate it. Demaquest Glyco Gel Cleanser, on the other hand, contains glycolic and lactic acid, which will help in the fight against skin aging, discoloration and any imperfections.

Sun protection all year round

Do you only use sunscreen during the vacations? Wrong. The sun’s rays, and therefore harmful radiation, accompany us throughout the year, and if you forget to use sunscreen, you have to reckon with the formation of wrinkles and discoloration. Photoaging is a huge problem. With sun protection you can prevent it – even if it is currently a harsh winter. An appropriately high filter is absolutely necessary for many treatments performed in the salon. When choosing a preparation with a filter, one should, of course, take into account its height and our skin type.

The highest filters (SPF50) are recommended for use in summer, when the radiation is most intense, and after cosmetic procedures. If you want to give your skin a slightly tanned shade and to soothe irritation, Mediderma Photo Protection Gel Cream is ideal. Sensitive and irritated skin will surely breathe easier if it is protected by SunArmor spf 50 Dermaquest with mineral filters. In autumn and winter it is worth to protect the skin with SPF 30. It will be an adequately high protection. For skin with imperfections we recommend BB cream Sheer Zinc spf 30- Dermaquest, and for even greater anti-aging protection Antioxidant mineral cream spf30 Dermomedica.

Prevention is the basis – a perfectly fitted cream

It is no secret that the key issue in selection of a cream is the type of skin. Dry or aging skin requires different active ingredients. Vascular skin requires a different one and skin prone to discoloration or acne requires a different one. However, the common factor is moisturizing, which is required by absolutely every skin. When choosing the right cream we should also take into account specific skin problems. The goal we want to achieve with it is also important – for example, smoothing or firming. Accordingly, if you want to firm and deeply nourish the skin you can use, for example, Nousturising Peptide Rich Dermaqest. Thanks to the content of peptides stimulates the epidermis to produce collagen and elastin.

Dry and flaky skin will become deeply moisturized and smooth with regular use of the Esentional Moistturizer Dermaquest cream. Its active ingredients replenish the intercellular cement, thanks to which the epidermis stops losing water. It is especially recommended for sensitive skin and after cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels. Natural regeneration of irritated skin with scars is ensured by Skin Moisturiserizing Protector Sesderma – with moisturizing and protective properties. A wide range of professional home care cosmetics, including those mentioned above, can be purchased at Jadore Institute in Krakow and Warsaw.


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