Skin after pregnancy – treatments that work wonders

On average, a woman gains 1 kilogram during each month of pregnancy. This is, of course, individual, some women may gain only a few kilograms, and others even dozens. What is certain is that the body of a woman expecting a baby changes along with the growing belly and raging hormonal economy. Not only excessive fat tissue appears, but also cellulite and stretch marks. Even after childbirth the skin may become flabby and inflexible. Fortunately, there are effective ways to make even the skin after pregnancy tight. Limited quantity and quality of the inevitable imperfections. Sometimes a healthy diet, exercise, and a series of treatments can help a young mom regain her former appearance and ideal figure. Learn about the most effective skin care treatments.


If you are looking for an effective treatment that will remove cellulite and water accumulation after pregnancy, endermologie is a hit in 10. Unfortunately, the skin after pregnancy in most cases is not in a good condition. It is often flabby, and excessive fat is accumulated unevenly, creating body disproportions. In order to quickly achieve an ideal silhouette and restore the condition of the skin before pregnancy. It is worth using mechanical massages with negative pressure. This is the domain of endermologie, which has gained popularity almost all over the world. Regularly performed mechanical massage using a special roller, which in combination with a suit that the patient wears. It gives spectacular results. The skin is even sucked in, thanks to which metabolic processes of breaking down, burning but also excreting fat tissue work at an increased rate.

The treatment is rather discouraged in the period of increased lactation. If a woman is breastfeeding and decides to undergo a series of endermologie – she should express breast milk after the procedure because it can accumulate harmful products of metabolism. It is worth performing a series of treatments, and the optimal results are visible after an average of 10 treatments. The skin remains firm, perfectly tense and the whole silhouette is modelled and slimmed.

Laser therapy

Skin after pregnancy is unfortunately not ideal. Very often stretch marks appear on it as a result of too rapid weight gain and insufficiently elastic skin tissue. What is more, a woman may also struggle with a large scar, which is a souvenir after cesarean section.

The answer to these problems is laser therapy, which quickly combats the resulting imperfections. It is worth remembering that the treatments using laser can be approached only when the scars are completely healed. The woman should no longer breastfeeding.

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Importantly, to get the best results from the laser light beams penetrating deep into the skin, at least several treatments should be performed. The laser has a salutary effect on the skin. It stimulates damaged tissue to produce new, completely healthy cells.

Trilippo Maximus – tri-polar radio wave

Another effective treatment is the one that uses radio waves. Thanks to it you can effectively firm selected body areas. Additionally, it stimulates the work of muscles – which helps in shaping the silhouette. The skin after pregnancy in the abdominal area is thus stimulated to work. To get the best results you should use a series of min. 4 treatments repeated regularly. The first can be carried out immediately after the postpartum period, as long as the woman is not breastfeeding. A very effective signal for the body, which stimulates the firming process is a beneficial combination of endermologie treatments and radio waves. Treatments can be combined into one session or performed alternately.

Arosha bandages – an alternative to endermologie

Bandages combined with a slimming preparation show anti-cellulite effect. Additionally, thanks to active ingredients, they smooth skin structure. The treatment should be combined with endermologie or lymphatic drainage, which stimulates water management in the body. Bandages themselves are also a great alternative to the procedure which is endermologie. Treatment is often chosen by clients who have sensitive skin and a tendency to vascular changes.

Home treatments to improve skin firmness

In-office care should be supplemented with home treatments. An effective tool in the fight against cellulite is a wide, bamboo brush. Daily massage stimulates skin circulation and cellulite is reduced. Regular application of moisturizers during pregnancy can prevent stretch marks from enlarging. Skin after pregnancy, with a little help, can regain a firm, healthy appearance.

Before you decide to start treatment for skin after pregnancy – it is worth to take advantage of free consultation with a cosmetologist. Reservation 24/7 


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