Botox for hair or keratin hair straightening? Ways to regenerate hair.

With the arrival of autumn, our hair becomes dull, rough and resistant to styling. The loss of vitamins and microelements caused by the autumn solstice does not serve them either. In addition, hats that electrify our hair and heat in rooms that dry it out. All of this makes us instead of healthy looking, shiny and strong hair, we have a hair like a raccoon in its prime. Luckily, we don’t have to wait for beautiful hair until spring, already today, take care of it with one of the many treatments that will restore its shine and vigor. Discover the most effective ways to save your hair!

Before you make an appointment at the salon, find out the best ways to save your beautiful hair. Also remember that the effect after the treatment depends on the products used and the commitment of the stylist. Do not be tempted by the suspiciously low price of the treatment. Saving on the products or the time of the treatment may end up for your hair with many months of regeneration treatment or even the need to cut it. Choose a reputable salon, which guarantees work on the highest quality products.

Botox for hair

The ideal treatment for restoring smoothness and softness to hair is botox. Contrary to its name, this treatment is completely non-invasive and safe. It is based on the pressing of nutrients into the hair. The use of professional cosmetics such as Innoar’s or Jean Paul Myne’s range of products guarantees that the results will satisfy the most demanding client. If your hair is colored, lacking in shine and rough, you can successfully undergo botox on your hair. This is a way to restore your hair’s health without interfering with its structure, but only making it nourished.

This beautifying treatment gains more and more followers because it takes no more than 1 hour and its effects last about a month. It can be performed without any contraindications at any time of year.


Ways to save hair – Keratin hair straightening.

One of us does not dream of smooth and shiny hair. For our needs we created a creatine hair straightening treatment. It is an ideal treatment for those women who have enough of unruly, frizzy hair. Contrary to the name, this treatment is not aimed at straightening hair, but at nourishing it. Keratin, which is a natural building block of hair, is responsible for its elasticity and flexibility. Its deficiency caused by mechanical damage, coloring, excessive styling can be prevented by this treatment.

This treatment is quite time consuming, depending on the length and density of hair it can take up to 4 hours. During the procedure, the hairdresser introduces the necessary keratin into the hair using a straightener. It is important to adjust the temperature to the condition and condition of the hair. Correctly performed treatment eliminates frizz and makes even thin and brittle hair regain its bounce and strength. Professionally performed treatment is an excellent way to nourish hair and keep it in good condition for a long time. The effects of keratin straightening last from 3 to 6 months. It should be remembered that pregnancy and breastfeeding are absolute contraindications to perform this treatment.

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Nanoplasty – effective ways to save hair

This procedure with a mysterious-sounding name can be confused with keratin straightening of hair, as it is like this, which consists of permanent straight hair. This treatment will deal with the most unruly strands and smooth every hair – even those with afro structure. The results are visible immediately after the treatment. Hair becomes straight, smooth and shiny because the ingredients used for this treatment do not burden the hair. We will avoid the unwanted effect of clumped hair.

A definite advantage of nanoplasty over keratin straightening is that it is a product based on organic ingredients. For this reason, this treatment can be performed without contraindications in both pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is quite time consuming, it can take up to 6 hours and the effect itself is long lasting. Perfectly straight hair can be enjoyed for several months.



Micromist is a modern form of hair nutrition using equipment similar to the well-known and popular hairdresser’s sauna, with the difference that Micromist uses fog, not steam. The scattered particles produced by ultrasonic waves are even smaller and lighter to better penetrate the hair structure. With this device we can perform various treatments on hair, using the Kerastase series – for dry, colored or damaged hair. The treatment consisting of a mask and ampoule is reinforced with mist particles. By using Micromist the care ingredients are applied to the deepest layers of hair. Moreover, during the treatment the scalp is also protected and nourished.

Micromist guarantees spectacular results. The treatments can be performed at a temperature individually adjusted to the needs of the clients, adjusted to the condition of the hair and the requirements of the product. What is more, the device also has a cooling system, which is used to finish the treatment. Hair cooling closes the scales and makes the effect of the treatment visible longer. The treatment with Micromist is completely safe and its duration depends on the type of products. On average, it should not exceed 1.5 hours.
As You can see – beauty salons has a lot of treatments that can help with damaged hair. Botox for hair is one of the newest treatments on market!

All these treatments are available in our J`adore Institute salons located in Krakow and Warsaw. All details and the contact form can be found at We invite you to contact us and make an appointment. Our specialists will help you choose the best treatment for your hair.


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