Fat tissue, concentrated in the abdominal area, is not only a cosmetic defect, but also a health problem. Abdominal obesity is most often accompanied by fatty internal organs, including the liver. When diet and physical activity do not bring the expected results, with help come modern technologies. Check out how to deal with abdominal obesity. Redustim treatment is a real breakthrough in getting rid of abdominal obesity.

The worst type of obesity – serious complications

Abdominal obesity, also known as visceral obesity, is called the worst type of obesity. Why? Disproportionately large waist circumference, causes a whole range of health complications, of which metabolic disorders are the most subtle. As a result of abdominal obesity, sooner or later you may get such dangerous problems as diabetes and hypertension. Which in turn increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, heart attack and stroke, among others. On top of that there are of course aesthetic issues and problems with self-acceptance.

An overly large belly is an embarrassing problem that is sometimes ridiculed by those around it. Which is why people struggling with abdominal obesity often suffer from emotional disorders and even depression. Obesity is of course also associated with back and joint problems. So there’s no fooling yourself – if visceral obesity affects you or a loved one. You should do something about it as soon as possible.

How to deal with abdominal obesity – Revolution in the fight for health and beauty

According to accepted principles, abdominal obesity can be said to occur. When the waist circumference in a woman exceeds 88 cm, while in a man 94 cm. So as it turns out, it is a fairly common problem, affecting people of all ages, regardless of gender. Unfortunately, visceral obesity is not easy to eliminate. Of course. Prevention is better than cure, so knowing that you have a tendency to gain weight in the abdominal area, it is worth keeping your weight in check. It is not always easy and if the situation has already gotten out of control.  The most important thing is not to break down, but to fight to regain comfort in life.

How to deal with abdominal obesity

The first important task is to increase the dose of physical activity and change your diet. It is very likely that these methods may not be enough. In the case of abdominal obesity, most often when weight loss occurs. The circumferences of other parts of the body are the first to decrease. While waist fat remains practically unchanged. The solution is to use a revolutionary, patented treatment that effectively removes fat. Meet Redustim.

Electromagnetic field 4 times greater than the Earth’s

How to deal with abdominal obesity

Redustim treatment can fulfill your dreams of a perfect figure, without the use of restrictive diets. Redustim is a medical device that uses a slow-variable magnetic field to eliminate fat tissue. The person undergoing the treatment is placed in a special suit which generates a magnetic field that evenly covers the entire treatment area.

And what is important – this field works not only on subcutaneous fat, but also on the fat deposited on the internal organs. This means that Redustim not only improves our appearance. But also has a beneficial effect on our health, it also supports, among others, liver detoxification.

What is the principle of operation of this unusual device?

The magnetic field used in it is equal to 2 Gauss, which is absolutely safe for humans, and at the same time is four times the size of the Earth’s field. The field energy stimulates calcium channels – they are responsible for smooth muscle contractions. In turn, their energy requirements cause the elimination of fat tissue. The device also uses a micro-pressure mechanism, thanks to which simple fatty acids more quickly reach the lymphatic system, from where they are then removed. As a result, you can not only get rid of abdominal obesity, but also model your entire silhouette to the shape of your dreams.

How to deal with abdominal obesity safely and without complications

How much results can be achieved with the Redustim treatment? During 12 treatments, you can get rid of about 6 centimeters from your abdominal circumference. This means that at the end of the treatment cycle, you will be able to wear clothes up to 2 sizes smaller! It is painless and safe, and the effectiveness of this innovative method is confirmed by research. Also important that the first effects are usually visible after the second treatment, and losing weight is systematic, so it looks natural.

How to deal with abdominal obesity

It will also benefit the skin, which during an intensive weight loss, usually becomes inflexible. Redustim improves its firmness and makes it velvety smooth. After each treatment session you can feel a real lightness, which further improves your mood. It should be emphasized that Redustim practically does not cause any side effects. There are also not many contraindications to its performance. However, these certainly include having a pacemaker, infectious diseases, viral and bacterial infections, occurrence of venous thrombosis in the last six months, as well as pregnancy. Both women and men can benefit from the Redustim procedure. Where can it be performed? J’adore Institute in Warsaw and Krakow has this professional device, thanks to which you can change your life.

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