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We invite you to read about our luxurious and high quality massages. Presented by us solutions are dedicated to everyone, regardless of age or gender, who is struggling with ubiquitous fatigue, poor general condition of the body, recurring migraines, tension and stress. The body rituals available in our Institute are designed for all people who need to relax and calm down. A multitude of solutions makes it possible for each of you to find a massage tailored to your needs and preferences.

  • The use of the highest quality oils combined with relaxing music and an extremely comfortable atmosphere makes each of the rituals available to us will long remain in your memory.
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Spoil yourself with our treatments! Relax and forget about stress and tiredness!

  • The solutions available in our Institute are perfect for treating spine and muscle aches. Appropriate pressure not only improves circulation, but also cleanses the body, reduces cellulite and models the silhouette. Carefully selected treatments for body and soul reduce muscle tension, improve quality of life and relieve stress.
  • Massages and rituals presented by us are perfect for young people, pregnant women, office workers tired of life on the run, elderly people suffering from spinal pains, women who want to get rid of “orange peel”, people struggling with spinal problems, pregnant women and young mothers, as well as all those who need a bit of respite.

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    Volcanic hot stones
    Classical Massage
    Chocolate body massage
    Therapeutic massagde
    Lomi Lomi
    Ayurveda Massage
    Sport massage
    Pregnancy massage


    Thai massage is an exceptionally relaxing treatments using acupressure techniques as well as elements of yoga and stretching. This ritual is dedicated to every person tired of everyday life and duties. Thai massage not only effectively reduces muscle tension and back pain, but also stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems and supports detoxification of the body. Presented solution can be used by anyone, regardless of age. As Thai massage relaxes joints and tendons and increases mobility and immunity, it is recommended especially for physically active people, including athletes.

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    Volcanic hot stones Volcanic hot stones

    Volcanic stone massage gives maximum relaxation, relaxing and revitalizing solution. This remarkable SPA ritual is recommended to anyone who needs a break from everyday matters. The combination of manual massage with hot stones increases both physical and mental comfort. Conducted by our specialists, the hot stone treatment relaxes and unwinds, reduces tension and relieves muscle pain, allows you to cleanse your thoughts and gain distance to the temporal matters. Attention! In our Institute we use only carefully selected massage stones from areas with high volcanic activity, including Bali.

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    Classical Massage Classical Massage

    Classical massage is ideal for people exposed to daily stress, especially at work. The whole body ritual has a relaxing and calming effect – it allows to collect and cleanse thoughts. Presented by us, the classic treatment is a combination of proven, traditional methods of massaging: rubbing, stroking, squeezing, sliding and clapping. Appropriate pressure quickly and effectively removes the tension and stress accumulated in the muscles, relaxes and thus improves both physical and mental condition of the patient.

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    A relaxing Balinese massage will appeal to all stressed, irritated, tired people who are looking for a moment of rest and relaxation. Originating from the island of Bali, the ritual is based on intense classical movements – rubbing, stroking and kneading – combined with selected acupressure and reflexology techniques. The Balinese massage significantly improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. Just one session reduces the overall tension hidden in the muscles, relieves stress and allows you to “soberly” look at your surroundings.

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    Chocolate body massage Chocolate body massage

    Maximally relaxing, extremely comfortable, cleansing body and soul – hot chocolate massage is a comprehensive solution dedicated to all those who need immediate relaxation. An exceptionally aromatic ritual of action not only relaxing, but also … moisturizing. The combination of hot chocolate and essential oils perfectly affects the skin making it softer, smoother and better nourished. The hot chocolate massage is ideal for office workers as well as those who need deep relaxation.

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    Twice more relaxing four-handed Balinese massage is a comprehensive solution dedicated to the most demanding customers. Led by two therapists it simultaneously improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. Rubbing, stroking and kneading in combination with selected acupressure and reflexotherapy techniques makes the Patient become maximally relaxed and rested. The four-handed Balinese massage perfectly stimulates the body, gives energy, cleanses the mind, and eliminates negative thoughts.

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    Therapeutic massagde Therapeutic massagde

    Healing massage, as the name suggests, is dedicated to all people with general health problems. The complex ritual is perfect for the pain of the spine, muscles and tendons. Performed by the best specialists quickly and effectively eliminates ailments resulting from overloading the body or caused by various diseases. Available in our Institute, the massage of the clinic is carried out by trained physiotherapists in this field. This solution is perfect for athletes and physically active people, seniors, as well as people suffering from sciatica, fighting with complications after fractures, dislocations and sprains, struggling with muscle and tendon damage etc.

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    Shiatsu Shiatsu

    Deriving from the Japanese tradition, SHIATSU massage will delight even the most demanding client. Extremely relaxing is perfect for the most active patients – especially athletes. This ritual perfectly reduces muscle tension, has a calming and soothing effect, and adds overall energy. SHIATSU massage is an ideal complement to regular training or convalescence after sports competitions.

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    Lomi Lomi Lomi Lomi

    Lomi Lomi is an exceptionally relaxing massage originating from Hawaii itself. Incredibly comfortable ritual combines elements of dance, touch and classic massage. Compared to other treatments, LOMI LOMI stimulates not only the physical and emotional zone, but also the spiritual zone. Extremely harmonious, full of beauty and grace will appeal to even the most demanding customers. Presented massage is performed on the forearms using a carefully selected blend of natural oils.

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    A sensual massage with stamps came to us from far Thailand. Relaxing and relaxing treatment is dedicated to all those who want to gain strength before the next challenges. The fabulous ritual is performed using special cotton stamps, filled with carefully selected blend of herbs and spices with a captivating smell and a range of healing properties. Stamp massage not only stimulates microcirculation, cleanses the skin and improves its overall condition, but also relaxes and unwinds.

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    Ayurveda Massage Ayurveda Massage

    Here is another solution presented by us, which works not on two, but on three levels: physical, mental and spiritual. AJURWEDA massage combines classic massage forms and acupressure techniques. The whole thing comes down to appropriate pressure points and power lines, located on both sides of the body. An exceptionally soothing treatment is aimed at maximum reduction of stress and tension. AJURWEDA massage is recommended to everyone, regardless of gender or age.

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    Sport massage Sport massage

    Sports massage, as the name suggests, is dedicated to physically active people – athletes, bodybuilders, people regularly attending gyms, footballers and other athletes who are in love with relaxation. High quality treatment quickly and effectively eliminates muscle tension making us feel indescribable relief. Sports massage will work both after competitions as well as after hard workouts to convalesce.

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    Thai foot massage is another extremely comfortable solution that came to us from far Thailand. It is extremely relaxing and pleasant for active people whose work comes down to constant travel or standing in one position for a long time. Thai foot massage will also appeal to women who do not practice high heels every day. The presented ritual comes down to stroking, rubbing, kneading and pressing with high quality, natural oil.

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    Pregnancy massage Pregnancy massage

    Although complex, massages for pregnant women take into account the patient’s safety. The aim of the procedure is to reduce the ailments associated with pregnancy and the burden on the female body. An extremely comfortable ritual on the shoulders, neck, legs, head and neck relaxes tense muscles and brings relief to joints and ligaments. Attention! Massage for pregnant women is performed by experienced specialists in this field.

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    60 mins massage – 270zł

    90 mins massage – 330zł

    Spa Ritual 330 zł

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