Abdominal hair in women can be quite embarrassing. Even more so if it concerns areas where hair should not appear. The abdomen is certainly an area where we do not want to see hair, especially darker colored hair. Why do they grow and how do I get rid of them? What are the reasons for their appearance and how to deal with it? Check out the best ways.

Hormonal problems and hirsutism

Having abdominal hair in women is a completely normal matter. We can talk about a problem when the hair is very thick and strong and has a dark color. Of course, there are also ladies who don’t mind excessive hair. On the other hand, women who can’t accept even a single hair growing in certain areas. For such a person, abdominal hair reduction will be a real relief.

Before we move on to specific methods. It is worth finding out when abdominal hair is not only a cosmetic defect. It can also indicative of hormonal problems.

Abdominal hair that occurs between the navel line and the bikini area is normal and occurs in most women. Importantly, the darker your complexion, the more intense the coloration. When the abdomen is very hairy (and resembles the hair found on men). Hair also appears in other places. It is very possible that this is related to a malfunction of the hormonal system. In this case, it is best to consult a specialist and have the appropriate tests done. Approx. 10 percent of the female population suffers from a disorder associated with the production of too many male hormones (hirsutism). It is manifested by excessive hair on the abdomen. It is worth checking, because this disorder may result, among others, in infertility.

Włosy na brzuchu u kobiety - dlaczego rosną i jak się ich pozbyć, Abdominal hair in a woman

Abdominal hair in woman – Reliable and professional methods

Regardless of the cause of excessive hair, you definitely want to get rid of it quickly and effectively. Abdominal line hair reduction can be done in a professional beauty salon. When you make an appointment for a consultation at such a place. You will certainly encounter two basic types of treatments. These are:

Which one to choose? It all depends on the results you want to achieve and which issues you prioritize. Waxing is the most traditional method of hair removal. It’s quick and effective. The heated wax removes hair follicles, hairs that grow back over time are much weaker and sparser. What about pain? Well, everyone has a different pain threshold, so it is difficult to estimate. It is known that this type of treatment can cause some discomfort. It should be noted, however, that this is not a permanent hair removal method.

If you want to say goodbye to abdominal hair in woman once and for all, you should use the laser hair removal option. Remember that the beauty salon you go to should have state-of-the-art equipment and a professional approach. It is certainly worth checking out J’adore Institute in Warsaw, where the best treatments of this type are offered, and the reduction of hair from the abdominal line will be permanent and comfortable.

Włosy na brzuchu u kobiety - dlaczego rosną i jak się ich pozbyć, Abdominal hair in a woman

Abdominal hair in woman – laser hair removal – precision and safety

If you care about permanent removal of unwanted hair after just a few sessions, the only option is laser hair removal. One of the most technologically advanced equipment for this type of epilation is Soprano ICE laser. It combines the most important issues such as precision and safety. Its innovativeness makes it an absolute hit nowadays. The Soprano ICE laser beam precisely reaches the hair follicles while ensuring the safety of the adjacent tissues.

Laser treatment with Soprano ICE equipment is also painless and comfortable, which distinguishes it from other devices of this type. The special head cools the skin during the treatment, so you are not exposed to any discomfort. The beauty salon in Warsaw, which has such a device, is J’adore Institute. Hair reduction from the abdominal line with its help will meet the expectations of every person who dreams of silky smooth skin. Remember that the treatment can be booked online!