The eye area is the area that ages the fastest. As the skin’s collagen content decreases with age and the skin begins to age. This process is most evident in the most delicate and sensitive part of the skin. The most common problems that appear in this area are dark circles under the eyes, bags and bruises. This often makes us look like we are sleep deprived and tired all the time. Because of this, it is worth considering how to help our skin around the eyes. What should be done to restore the glow of the look and to firm and nourish this area of skin. To meet such problems comes up aesthetic medicine. It offers a number of treatments to make the tired look go away.

Causes of skin aging in the eye area

Okolice oczu,Around the eyes

Due to the structure of the skin in this area, the skin begins to age rapidly. And this process is further influenced by a poor lifestyle, stimulants, chronic fatigue and sleep problems. Vitamins and electrolytes are also strongly influenced by leaching from the body. In addition, the aging of the skin in this area is also affected by weakness of the body, diabetes, thyroid disease. Hypertension, dehydration and excessive sunbathing also have a negative effect. Excessive use of salt , iron deficiency in the diet, heart and kidney disease. Hormonal changes and genetic predisposition are also thought to cause skin aging in the eye area.

How to deal with this problem?

In the case of the presence of bruises and swelling under the eyes, needle mesotherapy can be an effective method. Which will not only improve blood circulation, but will also help in microcirculation of blood. Regular performance of needle mesotherapy with the selection of the best products can bring really satisfactory and visible results. Another treatment that is also worth using is carboxytherapy, or carbon dioxide therapy whose main task is to increase and improve blood circulation around the eyes, as well as smoothing fine lines. Also helpful is laser therapy using Palomar Emerge laser, as well as Clearlift laser, which evens out the skin tone around the eyes and restores skin firmness in the area where it was applied. For more severe problems, we can use Botox to fill in the gaps in skin texture and rejuvenate the eye area.

Okolice oczu,Around the eyes

You can also use a plasma treatment that shrinks excess skin around the eyes. Treatments such as chemical peels are also worth considering. These treatments brighten and even out the skin tone, lymphatic drainage. Which is a special type of massage that improves firmness and blood circulation around the eyes. A good solution, but already more intrusive is the transplantation of your own fat. This is a very effective and permanent procedure that involves sucking out . A small amount of fat from the place where there is an excess of fat and transplanting it to the place where there is a deficiency. You can also consider using hyaluronic acid treatments.  The treatments involve injecting hyaluronic acid into the area of dark circles. This makes it possible to even out the color and retain water in the area under the eyes. So called “crow’s feet” wrinkles are effectively eliminated by Botox.

Contraindications to treatments

Performing this type of treatments to reduce or eliminate dark circles under the eyes is carried out after prior consultation with your doctor. It is important that there are no contraindications. The treatments are not performed if there are: pregnancy and breastfeeding, cancer, or cold and flu. The treatment will also not be performed if herpes is present. Visible viral, fungal and bacterial lesions around the eyes, or skin breaks are contraindicated.

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