The changes on the skin, which will appear in people suffering from Atopic Dermatitis. Aren’t  only not very aesthetic, but above all painful and extremely troublesome. It is a chronic condition whose treatment is complicated and takes a very long time. What can help to alleviate the symptoms, and thus increase the comfort of life, are professional cosmetic treatments. Check what will be a real relief for your skin.

The most severe form of AD – in adults

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory disease that has an allergic background. This disease is manifested by an intense allergic reaction on the skin, which, with a weakened immune system.  Is not able to react properly in contact with the allergen. First of all, people suffering from AD have a very delicate and weak epidermal barrier. Because the protein it is made of does not function as it should. In turn, as a result of inappropriate structure of the epidermis, it transmits all toxins and allergenic substances.

atopic dermatitis

Reasons for the occurrence atopic dermatitis

It is not able to maintain an adequate level of water in the skin. So it becomes dry and susceptible to damage. Atopic dermatitis most often has a genetic background. However, the formation of atopic dermatitis may also be caused by, among others, polluted environment. Importantly, it is more common to encounter it in children under 5 years old. Adults, although they suffer from AD less often, most often suffer from the most difficult form of the disease – more burdensome and difficult to cure.

Pharmacotherapy is not everything

If you suspect that you have Atopic Dermatitis, you should immediately go to a dermatologist who will order the necessary examinations to confirm the diagnosis. You will certainly need to perform skin tests and a blood test to determine the level of E-IgE immunoglobulin, an alternative to allergic tests. If the diagnosis is confirmed, appropriate treatment should be implemented as soon as possible. Unfortunately, AD is a chronic disease in which doctors focus only on the treatment of symptoms. What is certain is that even if the symptoms disappear, they will reappear in some time. In the course of this disease there are periods of intensification and remission.

The fight against AD it is necessary to act comprehensively, not only to focus on taking medicines. In addition to pharmacotherapy (usually using antihistamines, glucocorticosteroids and immunopressants). An elimination diet should be used, where you gradually give up eating certain foods until you discover which one you are allergic to. Besides, it is necessary to take proper care of atopic skin, which will bring real relief and make the skin look beautiful again.

Ultrasounds can work wonders

The real breakthrough in skin care with AD, as well as other inflammatory changes. Is the estGen treatment, which can be performed in the best beauty parlours. It is an innovative treatment that combines the alleviation of inflammatory changes with anti-aging properties. Performed with the help of ultrasounds, it may turn out to be a real salvation for your skin. What is its uniqueness? EstGen is a specialist preparation – 100% natural – with a unique composition that stimulates DNA to complete skin renewal. What distinguishes this bioactive gel is its intelligent action. When penetrating the skin with the help of ultrasounds, it recognizes its needs and repairs the resulting damage, soothing inflammation and deeply regenerating the treated areas.

Treatment effects

As a result, new skin cells grow intensively, wrinkles are smoothed, discoloration is reduced, scars and inflammation disappear. It is recommended to perform a whole series of 10 treatments, of which 1 to 3 should be repeated. At an interval of 7-14 days, and 4 to 10 treatments should be kept between 21 and 28 days. The treatments will be complemented by an intensive home treatment with specialist EstGen products. Based on innovative formulas, the preparations stimulate the skin at the cellular level, thanks to the fact that the amino acids contained in them activate tissue processes, which makes the inflammation fade away and gives the skin a beautiful, young look. These cosmetics will sustain the effects of the EstGen treatment and make you finally feel relief. The EstGen treatment can be performed in J’adore Institute in Warsaw and Cracow.

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