The most effective ways to shape the figure and slim it.

Nowadays, we pay attention to our appearance and there is nothing strange about it. After all, which woman does not want to be beautiful, firm and slim? Of course, to achieve the required, a proper diet and physical activity are required. Medicine goes further and further. Do you dream of a perfect figure and finding meals outside of a healthy lifestyle? Keep your head up, there is really a serious effort that you have required that goal.

A healthy diet and physical activity

The most important thing is a proper balanced diet. Without it, the whole effect may not look as good as we would like. It is not about torturing tasteless salads, amateur ones with dairy products, meat or bread, but about the golden mean. In fact, if we want to lose weight, lose unnecessary kilograms or get rid of excess weight, know how much we should eat during the day. First, the calculated caloric requirement. It depends on your age, height or lifestyle (work in motion, work in motion, sports, etc.). From this, subtract e.g. 200 calories, making the so-called caloric deficit. This is actually half the battle. The other half is healthy eating, cheat days, which are days when you allow yourself to do something healthy, and sports that make you happy, enjoyable, and also burn calories.

body shaping, body shaping

However, if you want to make this task a little easier for yourself and support your fight for a perfect figure, we have a few solutions for you. On the market today you will find quite a few treatments or techniques for body shaping contouring. They are really worth using. However, you need to know what is worth your attention and what is not. That’s why, read on and find out for yourself! Body shaping contouring treatments In fact, the best way to get rid of unwanted fat or excess weight is to use combined techniques and combine treatments with each other. What kind of treatment you decide on depends only on you, but also on what your problem is. We’ll walk you through a few options and tell you what will help, for what, and how it all looks.

Injection lipolysis

Injection lipolysis is nothing more than a method of permanent fat removal from specific parts of the body. This treatment is often chosen by people who, after losing unnecessary kilograms, are left with excess skin or fat. Often, injection lipolysis is mistaken for liposuction, but it is not the same procedure. Liposuction is a surgical fat removal procedure, while injection lipolysis is non-invasive, without any surgery. Body contouring thanks to lipolysis is safe.

body shaping

Lipolysis, unlike liposuction, does not leave any deformations on the skin. This procedure takes 30 to 50 minutes. A mixture of two substances is injected with a thin needle: soybean extract (phosphatidylcholine) and bile salt (deoxycholate). The ampule is e.g. ermastabilone or dermaheal HL. This damages the fat cells and then dissolves them. The body expels loose fat cells up to 3 months after the procedure. How many treatments are needed? The number of treatments for one site, e.g. buttock, is approx. 4 treatments once a month. During one visit, lipolysis can be performed in four different places.


Cryolipolysis is a method that works by cooling down fatty tissues, which in turn leads to breakdown. In the tissues there is a decrease in temperature, which causes the death of fat cells, while not thawing any other part of the body. This procedure is short, as it only takes an hour. You don’t need to do any research. Cryolipolysis is performed with the use of specialized equipment. The applicator is vacuum and sucks the tissue. Up to eight body parts can be performed during one treatment. Treatments are repeated every 6 weeks until the effect is achieved.

body shaping,body shaping


ReduStim allows for truly shocking results. Within two weeks, your size can be reduced by up to two sizes! All this in twelve sessions. This procedure is recommended for people with high obesity or people who cannot exercise due to, for example, health problems. ReduStim works through a magnetic field of very low frequency. The person undergoing the procedure does not feel any pain. During the session, the suit is put on the lower limbs, the waist belt and the shoulder straps. ReduStim is performed in series of 10 or 15 treatments every 2-3 days. The treatment enables quick and effective body contouring. Especially around the legs and abdomen.


Carboxytherapy involves introducing carbon dioxide under the skin. The gas spreads through the tissues, blood vessels dilate, cells are more oxygenated, and all this makes the skin look much better. Carbon dioxide also breaks down fat, because fat cells are the most sensitive to carboxytherapy. The fat cell membrane will be damaged. Blood and lymph circulation work more efficiently. The treatment is not completely painless, but it brings really good results. The number of recommended treatments is 10 meetings every 2-3 days.


Endermology is a vacuum massage. It is great at dealing with cellulite as well as body shaping. It stimulates the metabolism, which leads to the elimination of toxins and fat from the body. Endermology can also be performed on the face. The treatment takes place in a special suit. It adheres to the body, so the machine does not come into direct contact with the skin. It is not painful. On the contrary. Many people relax during endermology. Ten treatments twice a week are recommended for the perfect effect.

body shaping,body shaping

Accent Alma Lasers

The Accent Alma Lasers treatment consists in heating the adipose tissue with the use of advanced technology of ultrasonic waves with mono and bipolar radio waves. Ultrasonic waves vibrate the adipocytes, damaging their membranes. It takes about an hour and a half.

Storz Medical

The Storz Medical treatment is a strong firming treatment that uses the action of acoustic waves. It allows you to remove cellulite and local excess fat. The power of acoustic waves stimulates the tissues mechanically and speeds up the metabolism. Body shaping is intense and extremely effective. The entire Storz Medical procedure takes approximately 45 minutes. No anesthesia is required. It is recommended to perform ten treatments with an interval of 3-5 days until the best results are obtained.

What slimming and body shaping treatments should you choose and where to perform them?

In fact, to achieve the best results, it is worth combining several techniques or treatments. Of course, you can read about it yourself and choose what you want, but it is worth consulting a specialist on this matter. A wrongly performed procedure or a wrong method will certainly not bring any good. All the above-described treatments aimed at body contouring can be performed at our beauty salon in Warsaw. Come to us and we will take care of the rest!