Brown spots on the skin of the face and abdomen are caused by overproduction of melanin, a pigment that gives color to our eyes, hair and skin. They cause a lot of complexes, because they are quickly visible. They are a very unsightly problem that is difficult to cover with natural means. An effective method to get rid of them are treatments of aesthetic medicine. J’adore Institute especially recommends treatment using fractional laser DYE VL. It is an innovative way to remove scars in Warsaw.

Brown spots on the skin

Brown spots on the skin – types of hyperpigmentation

Discoloration occurring on the skin of the face and abdomen can take different forms. Depending on the cause of their formation. The first type is called lentigines, also known as age spots. They are caused by excessive exposure to sunlight, or too frequent tanning in a solarium. They are usually small spots of brown color. If you visit a beauty salon in Warsaw, you can get rid of the problem during a few visits to the cosmetologist.

Much more difficult to fight is so called melasma (chloasma). It occurs mainly in females, because its formation is closely related to the action of female hormones. It is common in pregnant women and those taking contraceptives.

Brown spots on the skin

Their appearance on the skin is individual, because in some people they take the form of bright spots. While in others they are brown. If you are struggling with this ailment should limit visits to the solarium. And also at least for some time give up exposure to the sun. Thanks to this skin changes will not aggravate.

Brown spots can appear after using drugs with photosensitizing properties, examples are retinoids, some antibiotics and antiviral drugs.  Hyperpigmentation can also occur in older people as a result of skin aging. They arise as a result of liver disorders, or are a result of sun exposure over several decades. They appear mainly on the face and take on a dark brown color.

Brown spots on the skin – scar removal in Warsaw

One of the most effective treatments to eliminate brown spots appearing on the face and body is DYE VL laser stain removal.  This innovative process thanks to which we can get rid of pigmentation changes occurring on the skin is carried out in the beauty salon in Warsaw. The treatment is completely safe but requires some preparation. One month before you should stop using retinoids.

A week before the procedure, we avoid such herbs as calendula, horsetail and St. John’s wort. We should inform the cosmetologist performing the procedure about taking any antibiotics and steroids. The process of scar removal in Warsaw is always preceded by a conversation with a specialist performing the procedure. Then we put on special protective glasses.

Brown spots on the skin

The next step is to apply a beam of light to the discolored area of the body.

No anesthetics are used during the procedure as scar removal in Warsaw is a completely painless process. It does not require a period of convalescence. Although up to two days may see slight redness in the irradiated area. For full effect it is recommended to apply from two to several treatments, their cycle should be determined by the cosmetologist in charge. Scars removal with DYE VL laser in Warsaw leaves the skin perfectly smooth, rejuvenated and of an even color.

Laser removal of hyperpigmentation is recommended for people with hormonal stains.

As a result of skin damage after excessive exposure to the sun and those that appeared after the use of certain drugs and contraceptives. The treatment will also help with spots caused by adrenal disease and those left after pregnancy. Clinic, which individually deals with each patient to tailor treatment program to their needs is J’adore Institute. We recommend booking treatments online! With properly selected treatments we can forever get rid of brown spots occurring on the skin of the face and other parts of the body. Make your reservation online using the form