Each of us, or at least most of us, struggles with unfortunate cellulite. When we imagine a dream vacation and the ideal body, which we have been working on since spring, there is no room for the so-called orange peel. It appears in various places, sometimes we are not even aware of it. Cellulite – the most common occurrence is in the thighs and buttocks. It also appears around the knees, stomach, calves and even on shoulders.

Cellulite or lipodystrophy can affect any person, at any age, in fact, it does not necessarily have to be associated with overprogrammed kilograms.

Very often it is associated with lack of movement, improper nutrition or hormonal system disorders. Unfortunately, the problem with cellulite often occurs even in very slim people. Even if they are active and follow healthy lifestyle rules. Below we present some of our ideas for improving not only the appearance of our body but also the fight against orange peel.

STEP 1 in the fight against cellulite

The first way is a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, we will not achieve our dream look if we do not provide the right vitamins, micro and macro nutrients to our body. They are a key element to improve the quality of our skin. It is also no less important to provide the right amount of fluids during the day. Cellulite is nothing more than retained water in the body. Another important aspect is physical activity. Of course, you don’t have to bother for hours every day at the mat or gym. If you sit in front of your desk all day long, take a walk or ride a bike to work. Then you will engage your leg muscles and buttocks, stimulate your circulation. You will certainly be refreshed by a walk in the autumn morning.

These are very well-known methods, but really effective. With such small changes you will feel lighter, more confident and certainly happier!
STEP 2 Concrete action

However, once we have developed healthy habits, we eat properly, but cellulite is still visible we can eliminate it by other means. These are non-invasive cosmetic treatments. One of them is the so-called Storz Medical treatment, which uses acoustic waves, i.e. sound waves. It touches spheres covered with cellulite and adipose tissue, it also helps to regain the elasticity of flabby skin. A contact gel is used here, so that the waves reach the indicated area in their full strength and properties.

Other types of waves that have a beneficial effect on our skin are radio waves, the treatment using this is Accent Alma laser. The Alma device improves the appearance of the skin, reduces cellulite and smoothes the skin. All this happens while we feel the pleasant heat beating from the device. The head vibrates the fat molecules, which makes them break down and thus reduces the circumference of fat tissue.


The treatments or natural skin care can be complemented by endermological LPG massages. This is a method of massage to combat fat and cellulite. Its technique consists in “kneading” the skin in different directions through pressurized rollers. In this way we force the body to produce collagen and elastin to naturally firm the skin. During the treatment, toxins are also removed from the body.  It is recommended to drink plenty of water before and after the massage.

LPG endermology therapy can also be used for other skin defects.

Such as: scars, stretch marks, fibrosis, or you can improve blood supply to the skin. This treatment is preceded by a visit to a specialist who determines our health condition. Just before the massage, the patient gets a special suit which helps the rolls to move around the body but also protects the skin. Another solution is non-invasive drainage. It consists in massaging the body parts in circular movements.

Another cosmetic treatment that helps to fight cellulite is for the brave!

This is a carboxytherapy, a method consisting of injecting. A special gun with a needle of CO2 (carbon dioxide) into a part of the body that we consider worthy of interference. This treatment increases the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin and helps to develop blood vessels. The skin’s condition is improved. This therapy, like the previous one, helps to solve other skin problems as well. More precisely: reduction of stretch marks, treatment of hair loss or shadows under the eyes. For most people the treatment is considered painless, discomfort can be felt when injecting chemicals.

This feeling disappears after a few minutes, the whole treatment lasts 30-90 minutes depending on the chosen place. After the whole procedure there may be a slight swelling and redness, although they disappear after a few hours. The description of this therapy sounds a bit scary and does not encourage, however the effects are visible to the naked eye!


The second coniferous way to smooth the skin is needle mesotherapy. This therapy involves the administration of nutrients and oxygenation of cells. This is done by direct dosing, and thanks to that the effects last a long time. These are not just ordinary nutritious preparations, special products have been created for this purpose, so that the effect is the best. They are for example: Alydia or Celluform products. This treatment is accompanied by anesthesia, so that it is not painful, without fear!

Body wrapping Arosha is a more skin-friendly option.

Cotton bandages soaked in active ingredients are used here, which nourish, smooth and model the body. They do not irritate the skin, do not produce heat. It does not dehydrate the body and does not compress, which gives comfort of use. If we would like to influence not only individual parts of the body, the alternative is the Redustim treatment, which is aimed at this. The suit which is dressed during this method deeply stimulates our smooth muscles with a magnetic field. Calcium channels are also stimulated, which lead the cells to the muscles, and these burn them as if during exercise. During this process, the simple fatty acids that have formed are also eliminated.

As you can see, there are many ways to achieve the goal of smooth skin. And you will find these options and other pleasures in our salon in Warsaw. We encourage you to visit and beautify yourself in the most convenient way! Say goodbye to cellulite!