What is the cryolipolysis treatment?

Cryolipolysis -The name of this treatment is taken from the combination of two words “cryo” – icy and “lipolysis” – tissue decomposition.

This painless and modern treatment uses the cold to break down fat tissue. Lipid cells are subjected to freezing, which leads to their disintegration. Then the reduction products are transported to the liver through the lymphatic system. This safe process works only on adipose tissue, without affecting the skin, muscles or nerve endings!

The idea for cryolipolysis was born in the United States on the initiative of two doctors, Dr. Dieter Manstein and Dr. R. Rox Anderson. They proved that subcutaneous fat cells are much more sensitive to cold than tissues around them. A temperature of up to 0 degrees Celsius is sufficient for the disintegration to begin. Their research has shown that local and controlled tissue cooling contributes to the loss of fat cells and its subcutaneous loss. This experience was described in November 2008 in the magazine Lasers in Sugery and Medicine. The article described prolonged and controlled cooling.  Of a specific site on the body leads to the loss of fat cells and subsequent loss of subcutaneous fat without degradation of the covering skin. The discovery of doctors initiated research on the development of fat freezing technology.


What does the cryolipolysis treatment look like? Why is it worth it?

The treatment itself does not require any special preparations or tests and takes about an hour. A special applicator is applied to the area where you want to remove adipose tissue, which creates vacuum sucking tissue. Cooling down of the fat cells is to lead to their necrosis. However, adjacent blood vessels, melanocytes, fibroblasts, peripheral nerves and low-fat cells will not be damaged. Over weeks, frozen lipocytes are gradually eliminated and removed from the body, thus the thickness of fat tissue decreases. Thanks to the procedure it is possible to remove 25 to 40% of fat tissue from the area undergoing the procedure.

The expert applies a special gel in place of the body, which improves the suction of the skin fold and reduces discomfort. Then the device head lowers the skin temperature and the client lies in a comfortable position for 45 minutes.

The removal of fat tissue through cryolipolysis is divided into two stages:

– Crystallization takes place directly, 2 to 6 weeks after apoptosis begins and the cells dissolve with the progressive release of lipids.

– Indirectly through the activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which causes the breakdown of adipose tissue.

This form of fat removal is not intended for people who want to reduce unwanted kilograms from significant areas. The results of cryolipolysis look best on small areas. Preferred areas of treatment are the abdomen, back and so called breeches, i.e. lower hips and upper half of thighs.

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Cryolipolysis treatment – possible side effects

The treatment is usually painless and non-invasive, the only discomfort is connected with feeling cold and sucking the skin. The main side effects are bruises and redness, and some people may experience. A weakened sensation in the place where it was performed. Any small hematomas should disappear within a few days. It is recommended to replenish the fluids within 24 hours of the procedure to help remove toxins from the body. The low impact of the treatment on the body allows you to take up normal activity immediately after cryolipolysis. Without feeling any discomfort, it is worth considering only the reduction of intense exercise to a week.


The fastest effects will appear only after a few weeks or even months, because the body must remove broken fat cells. This process can be compared to the metabolism of fats from food. Frequent performance of the treatment will not speed up the results. Only after 4 months of treatments performed every six weeks you can get the final effect. The rate is individual for each body and it is difficult to assume at what time the first results will appear. Permanent weight loss is possible while maintaining a healthy lifestyle just as with classic liposuction.

Advantages of cryolipolysis include non-invasiveness, no need for convalescence, comfort and safety, small number of contraindications and most importantly – effectiveness.

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