Depilation of the buttocks until recently was a taboo subject. Currently it is more and more often chosen by people who want to feel comfortable. Hairy buttocks not only look unattractive, but also make daily hygiene difficult. It is also important for men actively involved in sports. What depilation method to choose in order to get rid of this problem forever?

Depilation of the buttocks – available methods

Hair in the area of intimate places is quite troublesome and can be disturbing, especially during the summer months. High temperatures promote more intense work of the sebaceous glands, as a result of which the hair on the buttocks is constantly covered with sweat. This is unhygienic and can also be uncomfortable – hair often sticks to underwear and can show through it. Therefore, more and more men decide to make themselves as comfortable as possible and look for effective methods to remove hair from the buttocks. What methods are there to choose from? A shaving razor is out of the question due to the need for frequent repetition. It can encourage even more rapid hair growth (so it’s really a temporary solution).

Other methods, like depilation by cream or wax, can be too aggressive for the delicate skin on the buttocks (and also have to be repeated regularly). So what is the best solution to this problem? Depilation of the buttocks in Warsaw using the most modern device, which is a diode laser.

Depilacja pośladków - jak pozbyć się włosków, Depilation of the buttocks

Soprano Ice – revolution in laser hair removal

When deciding on a hair removal treatment for such a part of the body as the buttocks, one should pay special attention to the type of the device which will be used for epilation. In case of a laser, the most popular solution is the diode laser, which is characterized by high efficiency, precision and safety.

The depilation of buttocks in Warsaw can be performed by the revolutionary Soprano Ice diode laser. How does it differ from other devices used for laser hair removal? It is painless. The cooling laser head almost completely eliminates any discomfort. You do not have to worry about feeling pain during the treatment. Its effectiveness is also important – the laser beam it emits goes exactly to the hair bulb, where it destroys it irreversibly. This means that after a few treatment sessions, hair will stop growing back, and you will get rid of annoying hair. This laser is also characterized by maximum safety – it does not damage adjacent tissues in any way. The beauty salon, which has it in its offer, is J’adore Institute.

Preparation for the procedure and its course

The cosmetic salon in Warsaw that you choose should offer a consultation before the treatment. This is extremely important for its effectiveness and safety. During such consultation you will learn what are the contraindications to its performance. These are mainly dermatological diseases, inflammation and attention – fresh tan.

Not everyone knows that the skin should have its natural shade at the time of treatment. A tan may interfere with the effectiveness of the depilation process. That’s why it is not advisable to expose your body part to sunlight. You can’t sunbath at least 2 weeks before the planned treatment. You should also stop using any cosmetics containing retinoids and photosensitive ingredients. Preparation for the treatment on the day of epilation involves shaving the area with a regular razor. You should learn about the details in the place where buttocks epilation in Warsaw will be performed.

Depilacja pośladków - jak pozbyć się włosków, Depilation of the buttocks

Effects – when will hairs stop growing back?

What effects can be counted on when opting for laser hair removal? First of all, they will be permanent, which means that the hair will not grow back ever again. Silky smooth skin without any trace of hair is possible to achieve after several treatment sessions. The cosmetologist performing the treatment will decide exactly how many sessions are needed. In most cases – in case of Soprano Ice laser – 4 to 8 treatments every 1 or 2 months are sufficient. It is also good to know that other devices popular in beauty parlours require as many as a dozen repetitions. Depilation of the buttocks with Soprano Ice in Warsaw is the best possible choice. Make an appointment for a consultation at J’adore Institute and find out more about it. You can also sign up for treatments online!