Well done makeup perfectly emphasizes the beauty of women. It makes assets even more visible. However, in today’s busy world more and more women think about permanent makeup. Thanks to this, representatives of the fair sex can feel comfortable regardless of the circumstances. Learn the most important benefits of permanent makeup.

Everything you need to know before undergoing a permanent makeup procedure

The most important aspect of permanent makeup is good health. Contraindications include pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes, psoriasis, HIV, HCV, and cancer. In case everything is fine, you need to properly prepare for this procedure. A week before the visit to the beauty salon, it is necessary to give up depilation of the eyebrows. This will make it easier for the specialist to choose a natural color and better mark the eyebrow arch. What is more, it is advisable to moisturize your skin. If you decide on permanent lip makeup, you must take a herpes remedy three days before the procedure. Eyelash conditioners are not recommended two months before the medical micropigmentation. Come to the treatment relaxed and regenerated. In such a situation the skin will cooperate well and you will enjoy better results.

Odkryj zalety makijazu permanentnego2 1 Discover the benefits of permanent makeup

Benefits of permanent makeup – What are the possible treatment methods and how do they differ?

Among the methods of permanent eyebrow makeup are the hair technique, the feather technique, the shading technique, i.e. classic, filling and microblading. The first benefit of permanent makeup – guarantees a very natural look. It consists in gentle mapping of hairs with a special device. It is suitable for all skin types. The pen method is very similar to the hair method, but here a different equipment is used. It is a feather, which is extremely precise in placing the hair. Moreover, it is also more invasive. The third technique is natural tinting of the eyebrow arch. Clients opt for this solution to thicken the eyebrows or to get the desired shape. Moreover, it is the most common choice for women who decide to take this step.

Filling, on the other hand, is the most permanent of all options. On the other hand, however, if you are hoping for a natural effect here, you must know that it will be quite weak. The last alternative is the most innovative. It belongs to manual methods of pigmentation. It is the drawing of eyebrows hair by hair. Thus, when you decide on this solution, you will enjoy a fantastic result of natural eyebrows. When it comes to lips, 3D is the most popular method. It perfectly emphasizes the beauty, aligns the shape and gives a spatial color. As a result, the lips will be optically enlarged. What’s more, they will also draw attention with their radiance and freshness.

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What are the advantages of medical micropigmentation?

The advantages of medical micropigmentation include a natural look first and foremost. Ladies who opt for this step will also save time on daily makeup application and will be able to devote it to more creative activities. Remember also that the exceptional results of the procedure last for several years. You don’t have to worry about safety, either. The pigments used during the procedure are natural and free of harmful substances. By investing in permanent makeup, you will delight your colleagues and your other half with wonderfully even contours of your eyebrows and lips. The advantages of medical micropigmentation are also comfort and convenience.

In addition, it is also real savings. You will forget about spending money on classic color cosmetics. The only thing you will need from this category is mascara. Due to the fact that the effects can last even for several years the financial benefits associated with this will be substantial, even if the price of the procedure will not be so low. These are just some of the benefits of permanent makeup. A lot also depends on the particular case and lifestyle. Consistently find your pros for taking advantage of this solution and ensure you get the best today! Check out permanent makeup treatments at J’adore Institute in Warsaw and Krakow. Treatments can be booked online!