You look in the mirror and see the signs of time passing by… Falling eyelids or bruises under the eyes – this is the nightmare of many women. But did you know that you can easily and easily get rid of this problem? And there is no need for a plastic surgeon. You do not believe it? Believe! It is really possible and within your reach! To thicken the skin and lift the eyelids you can successfully use IQ plasma.

This procedure involves making a few small points on the skin of the eyelids, through which the plasma from the Plasma IQ device is introduced. The effect of the treatment is visible after just a few days. The treatment is also completely safe and does not exclude from everyday activities. For long-term effect it should be repeated 1-4 times every 4-6 weeks. In our salon many clients have already used this popular method and are very satisfied with the effects.

Another popular and available method using plasma is Plexor. Another alternative to plastic surgery in the area of procedures for drooping eyelids.

This is one of the most modern non-invasive methods to eliminate the problem of drooping eyelids. Mainly by obtaining the effect of thickened skin. It consists of creating a plasma and applying it locally with the help of high temperature. In the area we want to work on. The effect is primarily to reduce the skin’s limpness, and already a week after the treatment the first spectacular effects are visible.  To maintain this effect it is best to repeat the treatment several times (1-4) at intervals of several weeks.

Laser treatments are still appreciated. One of them is the fractional non-ablative Emerge laser – recommended to remove and reduce skin imperfections and to permanently improve its firmness and overall rejuvenation effect. The laser generates beams that damage indicated areas of the skin in a controlled manner. Then, during the healing process, the cells damaged by the laser are replaced by new ones. It gives the skin a young and fresh look. The first effects after the treatment are visible after 4 weeks, while the final effects are visible after 6 – 12 months.


opadające powieki, falling eyelids

A number of other sensational treatments can be performed around the eye (but not on the eyelids themselves).

They are selected based on our individual needs. Depending on the condition of the skin around the eyes and expectations we can make a choice. All are very popular and liked by women. Mesotherapy perfectly removes bags under the eyes, fine wrinkles, shadows and swellings. It is an extremely effective and minimally invasive method – it involves injecting the skin under the eyes with a thin needle – a revitalizing cocktail is introduced through micro-punctures. As a result, imperfections disappear and the skin becomes more elastic. To get rid of the so-called valley of tears or wrinkles around the eyes, furrows, it is recommended to fill this place with botox (botulinum toxin).

It also involves injecting by inserting a preparation under the skin, which selectively blocks the receptors in the muscles, as a result of which we have the effect of filling the indicated places and “ironing” them. The full effect is visible after about 4 weeks from the treatment, and the effects last from 6 to even 12 months. Similar properties are shown by the use of hyaluronic acid under the eyes. It is recommended to eliminate shadows under the eyes and improve its flexibility. Its action consists in retaining water in the skin which makes it look much younger. This substance is also very safe because it occurs naturally in our skin and is fully accepted by the human body. Injected under the skin hyaluronic acid also has a great effect on the valley of tears, filling the skin from the inside and thus reducing the previously visible cavity.

Falling eyelids. The effects can be seen very quickly and they last for up to six months after the treatment.

To sum up, we have a really big choice to fight our imperfections. Which we choose largely depends on our problem, personal preferences, advice and indications of the cosmetologist and probably a little bit on our budget. However, there is no need to worry about the latter, the treatments are now available for every pocket. It is not worth waiting and delaying the decision to visit the beauty salon. Falling eyelids are a problem which is worth to start fighting with as soon as we see the first problems with this zone.

Defects around the eye can really be eliminated with the help of the chosen method. It is also an alternative for people who are afraid or do not want the intervention of a surgeon – without a scalpel can also do a lot with incredible effects. We know this from our own practice in our office, because we offer a full range of treatments listed here.

opadające powieki, falling eyelids

During the consultation we will advise and choose the best treatment individually for each woman. Aye – it wouldn’t seem so much, but how does it change the look and face!
A younger look is a younger you. After all, eyes are the mirror of the soul. So let them be young as long as possible.

Arrange a free consultation in our beauty salon in the center of Warsaw and find out more about these treatments. Falling eyelids no longer have to be a problem!