Regular use of numerous disinfectants and antibacterial gels, combined with frequent hand washing (as a result of which the epidermis cannot regenerate properly), makes the skin of our hands significantly dry, dehydrated and irritated. Winter cold air is also not favourable. Because low temperatures affect equally negatively the general condition of our hands. Therefore, during this period, it is particularly worthwhile to focus on proper care. Dry hand skin can cause pain and discomfort. There are many ways that will bring relief to your skin. Before you decide on a specific treatment in the beauty parlour, you can start taking care of your hands yourself – at home and in everyday life. Below we describe a few recommended methods.

Dry hand skin? Firstly – hand creams!

Remember to use them regularly, even several times a day. They have salutary properties when it comes to proper moisturizing and lubricating the skin. Currently there are dozens of products on the market. Before buying, it is worth paying attention to the composition of the cosmetic. The higher the ingredient in the description, the more it is in the content. It is best to have one of the following ingredients on one of the first positions: paraffin, glycerine or aloe. They protect the skin against water loss and have soothing properties. Besides, make sure there is no ingredient to which you are allergic. If you find the right product for you, try to always have it with you.

Secondly, the creams with a filter

Yes, cream again. Contrary to popular belief, we do not use filter creams only in summer, but all year round. UV radiation does not end with the last day of the vacation. Apart from protecting the face skin, let’s also remember about the hands. For this purpose, we can use your favorite product with a filter or buy one that is dedicated specifically for your hands, but this is not necessary. Creams with a filter additionally protect our skin from premature aging.

sucha skóra dłoni, Dry hand skin

Thirdly, peeling, enzymatic or fine-grained, is enough once a week. But do not apply it on skin that is dry and irritated. We do not do this until it is properly regenerated.

Fourth – gloves, especially on cold days. Cotton will be the best. They will adequately protect the skin of your hands from low temperatures. In extreme cases, it is advisable to even sleep in gloves and apply a thick layer of moisturizing cream to your hands beforehand. You can regenerate dry hand skin!

Moreover, after each washing of your hands, they should be thoroughly wiped, dry skin of your hands is related to moisture. Avoid strong detergents as far as possible and choose those that are as gentle as possible. Your skin will certainly repay you for all this!

However, there are cases where all of the above steps may not be enough or simply will not have satisfactory results. Then it is worth to decide to visit a beauty salon. The offer of hand care treatments is really rich!

sucha skóra dłoni, Dry hand skin

In our salons, the most frequently chosen treatments by our clients include:

Paraffin treatment for hands with a vitamin mask – this is a treatment that immediately affects the condition of the skin. It regenerates, nourishes and above all moisturizes dry skin. The whole treatment lasts about 20-30 minutes. It is an ideal solution even for women who live very intensively and have little time for themselves.

ClearLift treatment – this is a non-invasive treatment, carried out with the help of ClearLift laser. It is described as a gentle lifting. It is one of the few treatments of this type, which is also successfully applied on the hands.

Hyalual revitalisation treatment – good option for dry hand skin – one of the most modern methods in the field of cosmetology, which is designed to regenerate the skin. This preparation is recognized in the prevention of skin aging. In addition to such parts as the face, neck and cleavage, it is also used in hand treatments. It makes the skin much more elastic.

Needle mesotherapy – that is, again, a treatment that has an anti-aging and firming effect. It is worth using it already during (and even before), when we notice the first signs of ageing of our skin. The treatment consists of a series of micro-punctures through a thin needle and syringe, which contains a special active substance. Properly performed mesotherapy is completely painless and its effects are visible immediately after the treatment. Dry skin of your hands no longer has to cause you any discomfort.

Dermapen (fractional mesotherapy) – it is the same type of treatment as described above. It is performed using a special device, and the best effects and thus the most durable are visible after several series of treatments.

All of the above mentioned treatments are carried out in our J’adore Institute salons in Warsaw and Cracow. We encourage you to make an appointment to visit the salon of your choice. Our specialized staff will be happy to advise you in choosing the right treatment. Individual approach to the client is an essential part of our work.

Make a reservation in our salon in Warsaw. We invite you!