Each representative of the fair sex depends on having an attractive silhouette. However, a slim figure is not the only thing we want. Most women also want to have cellulite free skin. Unfortunately, the majority of women are struggling with orange peel. Fighting this cosmetic defect is unfortunately not easy at home. For this reason, if we are troubled by cellulite, we should learn effective ways to get rid of cellulite. Find out more about the best services.

What exactly is cellulite?

As mentioned in the introduction, cellulite, also called orange peel is quite a common problem. However, not every representative of the fair sex knows what it really is. However, it is nothing but a kind of degenerative changes of subcutaneous tissue. What is more, there are several types of cellulite, not just one. One can talk about water or hormonal cellulite. Not every lady will also have the same intensity of this problem. During the first cosmetic consultation, the woman will find out what kind of cellulite she is struggling with and the degree of its intensity.

The cosmetologist will also recommend treatments that are most likely to help in a given case. At this point it is worth noting that each case is considered individually. Among the most popular treatments that will help in the fight against orange peel should be distinguished: carboxytherapy, needle mesotherapy or endermology. In the further part of the article the most effective methods of fighting cellulite will be characterized in detail.

skuteczne sposoby na cellulit, get rid of cellulite

Learn about effective ways to get rid of cellulite – carboxytherapy, endermology and needle mesotherapy.

Carboxytherapy is one of the most popular treatments for cellulite. It consists of injecting selected parts of the skin with carbon dioxide. Relogy equipment is used for the treatment. Thanks to carboxytherapy microcirculation is improved, and as a result, the epidermis is stimulated to intensive regeneration. Lymph circulation is also improved. However, the biggest advantage of this treatment is the destruction of fat cells, which are responsible for the appearance of orange peel. For the treatment to be effective, it must be carried out in series. For optimal results it is recommended to carry out 10 treatments, preferably every two days. The next treatment you should decide on if you suffer from cellulite is endermology. It has become very loud about it recently, and all because of its effectiveness.

Endermology is nothing but a form of vacuum massage. It is also recommended in series, preferably ten. As you can see, effective ways of cellulite can be pleasant!

The main advantage of this massage is to improve blood and lymph flow. It is worth noting that this treatment is a real delight not only for the body, but also for the soul. The third popular treatment which is undoubtedly worth using is needle mesotherapy. This treatment consists in injecting the skin with a carefully selected nourishing cocktail, which is intended to break down the fatty lobes. As a result of the treatment the blood and lymph circulation is also improved. The density of the skin is also improved. For the treatment to bring the desired effects, at least 4 series at four-week intervals should be performed.

skuteczne sposoby na cellulit, get rid of cellulite

What other cellulite treatments are worthy of attention?

The three most popular cellulite treatments are mentioned above. With orange peel will also deal with other, no less effective ways of cellulite. Among others, Storz Medical treatment will be helpful. This treatment involves massaging the skin. With a special head using the beneficial effects of a shock wave. Indications for the treatment are different types of cellulite. After the recommended series of treatments, the skin becomes firmer and better bloodied. Another treatment that can prove extremely effective in the fight against orange peel is Maximus Trillpo. This is a firming treatment using the beneficial effects of radio waves. During this treatment the skin and subcutaneous tissue is heated.

Under the influence of heat, collagen fibers shrink and as a result our skin is tightened. Accent treatment is another proposal for ladies struggling with orange skin. Radiofrequency in a very efficient way removes cellulite and models the body. Arosha bandages can also be helpful.

At the beginning, a careful skin peeling is performed. Then the area of skin affected by cellulite is wrapped in a bandage and then massaged with a properly selected cream. It is necessary to perform the treatment in series. It is always worth remembering that the best results will be obtained by subjecting our skin to treatments from different groups. The largest selection of interesting and above all effective treatments for cellulite will be available in large and rapidly developing cities.

Examples of such cities are for example Warsaw or Krakow. If you live in one of these cities, it is worth to visit the J’adore Institute beauty salon. A wide range of treatments offered in this salon will help us comprehensively take care of the skin affected by cellulite.

Make a reservation and get rid of cellulite! Enjoy the beautiful body!