Every woman wants to enjoy a young, firm face as long as possible. For hundreds of years, all kinds of sometimes painful ways to get rid of wrinkles have been tried. Today we know that skin care is essential. Using appropriate creams is extremely important, but often does not bring the expected results. This is because our lifestyle exposes us to factors that accelerate the skin aging process. Long-term stress, excessive tan, cigarette smoking or alcohol abuse as well as inadequate diet are some of them.

Oh, those wrinkles!

Unfortunately, wrinkle problems are much more common in women than in men. Research has been conducted to clarify this issue. It turned out that women have much lower density of sweat and sebaceous glands responsible for skin hydration. Wrinkle formation in women is also influenced by different structure of connections between deeper skin layers and muscles.

It is difficult to fight these factors alone. Today we have the opportunity to use a new weapon. Aesthetic medicine and a wide range of treatments to improve skin tone. The best of these is Endermolift.


Endermolift – the way to wrinkles and swellings

Endermolift is a very gentle method of stimulating sensitive skin around the face, neck, décolletage, bust, mouth and hands.

Mechanical massage with Mécano-Stimulation technique, works on the main causes of loss of density and skin aging. Through multidimensional cellular stimulation in tissues, it increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, stimulates the production of elastin and slows down the breakdown of collagen fibers.

The treatment is recommended for people struggling with wrinkles around the eyes, lips, drooping eyelids, limpness and face swelling. The treatment also has a significant reduction of drooping cheeks. Also: shadows under the eyes, gives the face lost shine and flexibility. It also perfectly helps to break down fat, so it is a great treatment for people who want to get rid of double chin and excess fatty tissue.

Studies carried out in Besancon, France, have shown an 80% increase in hyaluronic acid synthesis. More than 40% in natural elastin, while slowing down the collagen fiber breakdown by up to 20%!

Endermolift stimulates the production and recovery of skin components that contribute to the restoration of its youthful appearance.

Collagen improves firmness, elastin gives elasticity and hyaluronic acid is responsible for hydration and wrinkle filling.

The technology of Endermolift LPG treatment guarantees high quality and complete safety, and the use of specialized heads allows to achieve the intended effects extremely quickly. The head, by means of micro-pulses, produces waves which generate different intensity of stimulation, depending on the type of treatment. LPG technology, thanks to the stimulation of microcirculation, enables work on different levels of tissue: epidermis, dermis and even subcutaneous tissue.

Depending on the patient’s individual needs, the Endermolift therapy can be performed as a single treatment or a series of treatments. Sometimes it can be part of a massage when using multiple treatments, especially recommended before starting carboxytherapy.

It may happen that after the treatment, the skin may show discoloration, bruising or swelling, but these disappear after a few hours.


Kobido face massage

Kobido facial massage is a non-surgical facelift from Japan. Known there since the 14th century, for a long time it was intended exclusively for members of the royal family. For a few years now, people around the world can feel like kings with this massage!

It is based on traditional Japanese medicine and combines deep tissue massage, relaxation, lymphatic drainage and acupressure (a method of treatment by compressing so-called energy points).

During the treatment the therapist acts on the deep muscles of the neckline, neck, back, head and face and shoulders. Intensive movements stimulate collagen production and microcirculation, while these weaker and slower movements relax sensationally. For this reason, Kobido massage is recommended for late afternoons or evenings.

The Kobido massage has a very strong lifting effect. It significantly improves the oval of the face and eliminates the problem by dropping the cheeks and eyelids. It also firms the skin, which contributes to the reduction of frontal and facial wrinkles.

After the treatment the skin becomes firmer, oxygenated and nourished. It is recommended to repeat the massage every 4-6 weeks to maintain the effects.

The described treatments can be performed in our J’adore Insytut studio in Krakow or Warsaw. We guarantee a comprehensive approach to your body and needs!