Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life when many physical and emotional changes occur. The skin of the future mother becomes softer, more sensitive and more susceptible to discoloration than before. Under the influence of pregnancy hormones hair becomes stronger and there is more of it than before pregnancy. Every mom-to-be wants to feel beautiful and comfortable in her body. During this time, taking care of beautiful, smooth skin can be a challenge.

Hair removal during pregnancy – which hair removal methods to avoid? In addition to skin reactions, as pregnancy progresses a growing belly can also effectively hinder the removal of unwanted hair. Many women wonder what form of hair removal is safe and will not harm the developing baby. It should be mentioned that not all methods of hair removal are recommended and safe for moms-to-be, so when visiting a beauty salon before each treatment, you should be informed about your current condition.

Depilation with wax and sugar paste

Wax and sugar paste epilation performed in beauty salons are among the inadvisable methods of epilation for pregnant women, especially if it is to be performed during pregnancy for the first time. There is then a risk of hypersensitivity and allergy to the ingredients of the preparation. They have an adverse effect on the skin of the pregnant woman. Another issue is the possibility of feeling pain during epilation. Every pregnant woman has a different pain threshold, and the feeling of pain and stress causes the secretion of cortisol. It has an adverse effect on the developing foetus. If the pregnant woman has used this method before, method should be consulted with the doctor in charge of pregnancy in order to exclude any contraindications.

Depilacja w okresie ciąży - jakich metod depilacji unikać, Hair removal during pregnancy

Hair removal during pregnancy – Laser hair removal

In the laser method pregnancy is an absolute contraindication to perform the procedure. The main factor excluding this method is the formation of local inflammation. It causes pain and irritation of much more sensitive pregnant skin. After such treatments there may also be complications such as burns or discoloration. It would be difficult to treat during pregnancy. So far, there are no reliable scientific studies that indicate the safety of the laser beam effect on the fetus. It is recommended to avoid hair removal by this method during the entire pregnancy.

Hair removal cream

Another method to avoid during pregnancy is hair removal using depilatory cream. These creams contain various chemicals that are designed to dissolve the hair shaft. There are no conclusive studies indicating a harmful effect on the fetus. However, specialists do not recommend this method due to the risk of allergy and skin irritation. If you have used depilatory creams before – in order to continue this method it is recommended to perform an allergy test.

Depilacja w okresie ciąży - jakich metod depilacji unikać,Hair removal during pregnancy

Shaving during pregnancy – The disposable razor

Both the easiest and safest method of shaving during pregnancy is epilation with a disposable razor. A significant advantage of this method is that it is painless. During this procedure the hair is only shortened and not removed together with its root as is the case with other methods. When shaving with a razor the risk of complications and irritation is low, if the procedure is done correctly. It is worth taking care of the proper softening and moisturizing the hair with a shaving foam or shower gel. For hygienic reasons and due to the risk of microbial contamination during the cut we use a disposable razor only once. The disadvantages of this method, however, may be frequent regrowth of hair and poor visibility of the shaved area as the abdomen grows. If you have a big belly, a mirror can help.

Dear mommy-to-be. Your body is going through many changes from the very beginning of pregnancy. Skin and hair condition, resistance to pain and reaction to chemical depilatories can be quite different than before pregnancy. J’adore Institute located in Warsaw is a beauty salon supporting future moms in taking care of beautiful and smooth skin.  Our offer is also available for breastfeeding women. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We will surely choose a safe epilation method and answer all your questions! Sign up for a treatment online today!