Stretch marks are the affliction and bane of most women. They can occur at any age and at different stages of life. Men also struggle with them, but in their case the ailment is less gross. Stretch marks can already appear in teenagers, as well as athletes, obese people, or pregnant women. They take the form of longitudinal subcutaneous fibres, which can be seen with the naked eye. They attack different parts of the body, such as legs, arms, belly, breasts and back.

The characteristic appearance of stretch marks and their location often makes many people feel ashamed in public places. This ailment is therefore a strong reason to stop enjoying the pleasures of life. Skin changes are in conflict with the aesthetics of our skin, so it is worth deciding what we can do to improve its condition. Stretch marks removal – will improve our mental comfort.

Stretch marks removal – where to start the process?

To reduce stretch marks we can use the following techniques: laser, carboxytherapy and needle mesotherapy. For this purpose, you should go to a beauty parlor offering the above services in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Ways to reduce stretch marks

Laser techniques usually come down to two types. The first one is the fractional ablative laser Alma Harmony XL PRO. ER:YAG iPixel head is used here. With its help, the skin affected by the change heats up. The heat of the laser light is absorbed by water contained in the tissues on which it acts. Then slightly damaged by ablation. It means that heated water in the tissue evaporates with it, making the tissue disappear. It can be further regenerated. After using the ablative laser there is also peeling of the epidermis. This is a positive protective phenomenon for the treated areas. In other words, it is a procedure that interferes with the structure of our body (invasive), aimed at improving its appearance and rejuvenation.

The skin after this treatment is exposed to external factors that can disturb its self-regeneration processes. It is best to go for such a visit in the autumn. Ablative fractional laser is also used for other rejuvenating treatments.

The second technique used in the fight against stretch marks is the EMERGE non-ablative laser.

What makes it different from the previous type of laser is that the phenomenon of epidermal ablation (evaporation) does not occur here, but only its heating. The form of this treatment is characterized by heating certain areas of the skin. Then stimulating it to produce collagen, which naturally maintains its proper structure and texture. After performing a series of non-ablative laser treatments, we can safely function as before. Our skin is not subject to any micro-damage and does not flake.

The regeneration processes are shorter, but the effects may be less visible. Therefore, depending on the type and depth of changes in our epidermis, we choose together with a specialist the type and number of laser treatments. It should be remembered that the regeneration of the skin is a process. The laser action on it must be stretched over time. We perform laser treatments in series of 4-8 treatments every 4-6 weeks.

A colenic way to fight stretch marks is carboxytherapy.

It is one of the very effective forms of treatment for this ailment, but it is also quite invasive. It consists of injecting carbon dioxide under the skin. CO2 molecules then act on the blood vessels widening them, and thus making the skin better oxygenated. Minor damage (due to injection) stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. All of these regenerative ones effectively eliminate given anomalies of the skin, and the increased supply of oxygen gives it a beautiful appearance. The number of these treatments is determined by a cosmetologist. They are also used for other purposes, such as fat reduction.

usuwanie rozstępów warszawa, stretch marks

The last method of farewell to stretch marks is needle mesotherapy.

Needle mesotherapy using a vitamin cocktail that stimulates cell growth factors. Including collagen and elastin fibers, which is a factor that makes stretch marks go away. Apart from this regenerative function, this method nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis. It makes its surface smooth and firm. Needle mesotherapy is also an invasive treatment, using injections. It is a very modern way of fighting skin imperfections (including alopecia). Its effects are visible for a long time. People who decide to undergo this treatment will certainly not be disappointed.

As far as the number of treatments and their extension over time is concerned, both carboxytherapy and needle mesotherapy are performed every 1-2 weeks about 5 treatments.

It is worth mentioning that the most spectacular effects are achieved by combined techniques of all methods mentioned above. However, this is decided by a specialist cosmetologist. Therefore, before starting the treatment, the cosmetologist conducts a detailed medical interview and suggests a series of treatments and the number of treatments.

Prognosis for stretch marks treatment

It is important to realize that stretch marks are a very profound change, so we can reduce them, but complete striage removal may not be possible. They appear in different degrees and ages, attacking different parts of the body. Therefore, the older the older it gets, the more difficult it is to remove, so it is important to start reducing them after the first changes appear. In order to do so, it is necessary to go to a specialized aesthetic medicine office to cooperate with a cosmetologist. Such treatments can also be performed in our salon in Warsaw.

usuwanie rozstępów warszawa, stretch marks

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