Hands are said to be a woman’s business card. Indeed, ladies pay special attention to how their hands and nails look like. Whether you prefer crazy colors and rich decorations on your nails or you are a supporter of more subdued, elegant nails, you certainly want them to be neat and tidy.

Damaged nails can be a serious cosmetic defect. Are you looking for an effective way to regenerate your nails? Explore some proven solutions!

Why do your nails need regeneration?

The reasons why your nails are damaged and weakened may be different. It is worth remembering that nails, just like hair, are skin appendages. Their condition may depend on both external and biological factors. Sometimes the brittleness and fragility of the nails is conditioned genetically. Their poor condition can also be the result of an improper diet. And what about such a popular hybrid manicure? It is a myth that hybrid nail polish destroys nails.

However, the truth is that an inaccurately made and removed manicure can damage the nail plate. Too intensive tarnishing of the nail before application of nail polish or aggressive removal of hybrids is often the cause of weakening of the nails.The use of strong detergents that dry the nail plate may also have a negative impact on their condition. Formaldehyde-based nail polishes, strong tips adhesives or acetone removers are enemies of healthy and beautiful nail.


Acetone itself, which is the main component of many nail polish removers, dissolves fats that are naturally found in human nails. In this way, their protective barrier is weakened, making them more susceptible to various damages.  Many women are also struggling with addictive nail biting. Such a habit is usually nervous and can damage the structure of the nails very deeply, so that they are not able to regenerate on their own.

How can you take care of your nails?

If you already know why your nails are damaged and dried, you can get started. Strengthening your nails should start by changing your diet. If it is to support the health of your nails, it should be rich in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, C, D and protein. You should also regularly moisturize, lubricate and nourish your nails. For this purpose you can use various oils, which you will gently massage into the plate of your nails every night .

Recommended are jojoba oil, avocado oil, castor oil, almond oil or even plain olive oil. You can also reach for a specialized nail regeneration serum. Remember to always wear gloves when working, for example when cleaning with strong cleaning detergents. In this way you will protect not only the skin on your hands but also the nails themselves.

Sometimes the nail plate is so badly damaged that home made methods are not enough to rebuild it. Does this mean that there is no longer any rescue? No, it does not! In a professional beauty salon you can take advantage of treatments to nourish weakened nail. After just a few weeks you should notice a significant improvement in their appearance.

The best regeneration treatments – rescue for damaged nails

In our beauty salons J’adore Institute in Warsaw and Cracow we perform various nutritional treatments, which allow us to restore the healthy look of damaged nail in a short time. One of the treatments that will bring relief to weakened nail is a professional Japanese manicure.

A special paste with vitamins, minerals and nutrients is rubbed and massaged into the nail. After the application of the preparation, a powder is applied to the nails, which is intended to protect the ingredients contained in it and strengthen their action. After the Japanese manicure nails have a characteristic, healthy shine and are extremely nourished. To achieve the most spectacular effect, the treatment should be repeated about 4-6 times at two-week intervals

Another way to regenerate damaged nails is a paraffin mask combined with a care treatment. What is important, this treatment can be performed on both hand and foot nail. The first stage of the treatment is an aromatic, strongly exfoliating peeling.

Thanks to it you can get rid of dead skin cells and clean the nail plate. Then paraffin is applied to the nail, which forms a film on them that closes the moisture. Special gloves should be put on your hands. The cooled paraffin remains on the nails for about 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, further care is taken. The difference in the appearance of the nails can be seen immediately after treatment. They become more nourished and have a beautiful, healthy glow, and the skin is smooth and soft.



Do you want to regenerate your nail in a short time? Choose IBX manicure. It is a special repair system, which is a perfect rescue for damaged nails. The series consists of only 3 treatments, which should be repeated 7-10 days apart. Take care of your nails in the best possible way! Make an appointment for a consultation at one of our beauty salons.