Women who have excessive facial hair are said to have more temperament. But let’s be honest – it’s not a desirable element on the face, and the owners dream of disappearing once and for all. Fortunately, effective remove the moustache is possible, just use the help of professionals.

Excessive hair – reasons

The presence of delicate floss above the upper lip is completely normal, also in women. It is not visible and therefore usually does not cause any discomfort. The problem starts when the hair turns dark. Or when the hair is stiff and thick – it looks a bit like a male beard. This can be a single hair or a whole moustache, and can often be seen around the chin. The first thing that comes to mind with a female moustache is a hormonal disorder. And of course, if a woman has too many male hormones in her body, one of the symptoms is the moustache. It also occurs frequently in the periopausal or puberty period and as a result of pregnancy.

It can also indicate such serious diseases as polycystic ovarian syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome or thyroid problems. The occurrence of a moustache may also have completely mundane causes – genetic tendencies. If your mom or grandmother has had to deal with excessive facial hair. Unfortunately, you have to prepare yourself for the fact that you will probably also have to deal with this condition. Usually it is related to the origin, the moustache is characteristic for women from Southern Europe and Asia.

Don’t  try to remove the moustache on your own!

Whatever the reason for the appearance of unwanted hair.  One thing is certain: you probably want to get rid of it as soon as possible. The female moustache is an embarrassing affliction, which is associated with feeling great discomfort. In extreme situations, women with a moustache are ashamed to leave home and limit their social life. Which even results in mental disorders and depression. So there is nothing to wait for! If hair suddenly appears and is accompanied by other symptoms (e.g. lowering of the voice, difficulties in getting pregnant, irregular menstrual cycles). You should consult a doctor as soon as possible – it may be a disease symptom.

If there is a moustache in your family and you are aware that “such a beauty of yours”.  You should simply go to a beauty salon where it will be professionally removed. And most importantly, we advise against getting rid of the moustache yourself at home. Definitely, do not use a razor for that! This way you will get rid of the hair only for a short while. You can be sure that after 2-3 days you will see a little aesthetic bristle. On your face – a growth that will grow even harder and stronger. Playing with wax at home may in turn end up with skin irritation, similarly to any chemical agents. So there is no other advice – a beautician is a must in this case, especially since you have several methods to choose from.  Learn about effective methods remove the  moustache.

Wax or flossing?

Going to a professional beauty salon, you can be sure that the moustache or any other unwanted facial hair will be removed accurately and precisely. You will get rid of any hair that makes your heart beat faster. One of the most popular methods is waxing. Its advantage is certainly the fact that it is fast, effective and relatively durable. You can enjoy its effects even up to 4 weeks. A visit to a beautician for moustache removal once a month. Isn’t a huge logistical challenge and at the same time it is also an economical version – the price of hair removal with wax is not high. Another way to get rid of hair together with the bulbs is by flossing.


The beautician uses a special cotton thread for hair removal. With which he grabs each hair in a special way and pulls it out. The advantage of this method is certainly the fact that a skilled cosmetician grabs every hair. Even the smallest one, and the effects last for a similar time as after waxing. Are these treatments painful? Of course, pulling out the hairs with the bulbs is not pleasant. But it takes a very short time, so they are associated with a slight prick rather than a long pain. You can certainly get used to it if you do it regularly.

Do you dream of lasting effects? Choose a laser

Waxing and flossing are effective, but they must be repeated. The method that allows you to get rid of unwanted hair forever is an irreplaceable laser. Thanks to a series of treatments (from 6 to 8 performed every 4-6 weeks).  Up to 90% of the hair treated with the laser will disappear from your face. Unnecessary hair weakens gradually – for its effectiveness it is necessary to use the laser in the right phase of hair growth.

Preparation of the hair removal scheme will be done by a qualified cosmetician. Who will determine the number of treatments and at what intervals will be appropriate. In the case of laser hair removal, many women are certainly afraid of too high a cost. If you consider that after the whole series you will not have to worry about the moustache anymore – it is not that much again. Especially since you will save on waxing or flossing treatments that you have to do regularly.

You will save time and finally feel free from this awkward problem. When choosing the method of facial hair removal it is best to go to the office, which has both professional equipment and appropriate professionals. In Warsaw and Cracow it is definitely worth to make an appointment for a consultation with J’adore Institute.