Stretch marks are a problem affecting a significant number of women. These unsightly changes on the skin often cause shame and complexes because they visibly change the appearance of the skin. However, it is worth remembering that stretch marks can be fought with! There are many methods of fighting these types of defects. They require time and consistency in use – can bring satisfactory results. How to get rid of stretch marks? Here are effective ways.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are changes visible on the skin. Most often in the form of spindly stripes, lines that can appear on many parts of the body. Changes of this kind can be visible almost at any time in life, there are situations that promote the formation of stretch marks. Especially those where there are strong hormonal changes in the body, such as pregnancy or puberty. Stretch marks are formed in stages. At the beginning, the appearance of these changes resembles thin, pink stripes. Over time, the stretch marks darken, lengthen and widen. In the final phase they fade again and the line of changes on the skin loses its regularity. The formation of stretch marks may be accompanied by slight itching or burning.

How to get rid of stretch marks – proven methods

Stretch marks can be fought with home methods – these are also briefly mentioned in the further part of the article – but it is worth remembering that medical and aesthetic cosmetology treatments are much more effective. Here are some examples of treatments that are worth considering.

1. EMERGE non-ablative laser

It is a laser created by Palomar company. It is at the forefront of introducing advanced and modern devices for aesthetic medicine. The treatment involves controlled damage to selected areas of the epidermis and dermis. As a result of which, in the healing process, new and healthy tissue replacing the damaged cells appears.

2. Carboxytherapy

Otherwise, medical carbon dioxide therapy, called the greatest breakthrough in aesthetic medicine since the invention of botox. It consists in injecting carbon dioxide into the skin in specific areas. Carbon dioxide spreading through the skin expands blood vessels, which improves the nutrition and oxygenation of cells and accelerates the process of tissue regeneration. Thanks to carboxytherapy you can get rid of stretch marks.

pozbyć się rozstępów, get rid of stretch marks

3. Fractional-ablation laser iPixel ALMA HARMONY XL PRO 

It is a laser whose purpose is similar to that of the EMERGE non-ablative laser, but its operation is fundamentally different. Unlike non-ablative lasers, the fractional method is used in this type of device. This means dividing a single light beam into several dozen smaller ones. These beams penetrate the skin causing spot micro-damage. The fact that the damage is so minor is crucial for this treatment. A small spot damage to the skin is surrounded by a significant amount of healthy tissue. It is a kind of reservoir allowing for quick skin regeneration. It is worth to bear in mind that there are fewer contraindications to the use of an ablative laser than to the use of older type of lasers – non-ablative.

The treatment consists in removing (evaporating) microscopic outer layers of the skin. Similarly to other lasers doing a significant amount of micro-damage to the skin. Considered to be the gold standard for ablative procedures in medical and aesthetic cosmetology offices. It acts on old epidermal cells without affecting the surrounding tissues. It reduces the healing process of the skin after the treatment (which takes about 24 hours). The treatment, compared to other laser treatments, is relatively non-invasive. The recovery time after the treatment is, as indicated, minimal.

4 Needle or fractional mesotherapy

This is a needle treatment, during which cell growth factors, including collagen and elastin fibers, are stimulated using a vitamin cocktail. During the treatment, the technology of pulsating needles is used. In a short period of time creates a significant amount of microchannels in the skin. It allows to increase the penetration of active substances into the skin. Devices are also equipped with a vibration function, which minimizes discomfort during the treatment. Resulting micro-damages stimulate the repair processes in the skin and stimulate the physiological reconstruction of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

The most spectacular effects are produced by techniques combining all these methods. Laser treatments are performed in series of 4-8 treatments every 4-6 weeks. Carboxytherapy and mesotherapy is recommended every 1-2 weeks in series of 6-10 treatments. Before starting each treatment, the cosmetologist conducts a detailed medical history and suggests a series of treatments and the number of treatments.

pozbyć się rozstępów, get rid of stretch marks

What else should you know about stretch marks?

It should be remembered that, paradoxically, it is best to start fighting with stretch marks before they appear. Preventing stretch marks is the best solution we can decide on. First of all, you should avoid sudden leaps in weight. Take care of a balanced diet that will provide your body with sufficient calories. It should also be rich in vitamin A (e.g. oranges, peaches, spinach), E (e.g. vegetable oils, carrots, nuts), PP (lean meat) and B5 (e.g. lean meat and tomatoes). The diet also includes microelements such as silicon (e.g. wholemeal bread, fresh nettle, oatmeal) and zinc (e.g. animal products, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, wheat bran, wheat sprouts).

Secondly, the skin should be regularly moisturized. The skin can be for example oiled using argan, coconut or macadamia oil. If you don’t like the oily layer formed on the skin during oiling, it is worth to get stretch marks cream rich in these ingredients.

How to effectively get rid of stretch marks?

In the fight against stretch marks, regular physical activity should not be overlooked either. Making the skin more flexible, increases the chances that we will not see stretch marks on the skin. You should be aware that you can reduce stretch marks, but you will not remove them completely. It is also worth keeping in mind that the older the stretch marks are, the more difficult it is to reduce the visibility of such changes on the skin. It is important to start reducing stretch marks after the first visible traces appear. Visits to the beauty salon should be supported by home methods of fighting stretch marks.

As you can see during the fight against stretch marks, it is not worth losing hope. Although it is a consistent and somewhat time-consuming process. Home methods and aesthetic medicine definitely give hope to get rid of these unwanted skin imperfections. So if you have such a problem, use one of the proposals listed here to fight stretch marks as soon as possible.

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