Laser hair removal is one of the most frequently chosen treatments of aesthetic medicine. This innovative method, which removes body hair, has stolen the hearts of many women, although it is also used more and more often by men. One of the places to go for the treatment is the beauty clinic J’adore Institute in Warsaw. Specialists in their field perform their work at the highest possible level, in accordance with the prevailing sanitary regime. What is important, the whole epilation process has to be repeated several times. Hair does not grow at the same time. Do You know what should be the intervals between laser hair removal to achieve a satisfactory result? What influence on the whole process has the hair growth phase?

Effects of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a safe and non-invasive aesthetic medicine treatment. After a series of treatments we can enjoy smooth skin, free from unwanted hair for a long time. We appreciate it especially in summer when we often expose our body due to high temperatures. We can enjoy the sun and not think about everyday epilation, thus saving our time. However, it is worth deciding on laser hair removal already in the autumn-winter season because directly after the process tanning and any exposure to sunlight is not recommended. They may cause unwanted irritation and the final effect may then differ from our expectations. In addition, the indicated intervals between laser hair removal should be used.

Why should regular laser hair removal intervals be performed?

The effectiveness of laser hair removal is closely related to the stage of hair development in each individual. Hair growth cycle is divided into growth, transition and resting phases. The first of them, known professionally as anagen – is the phase of active hair growth. Its duration depends on the part of the body on which it occurs. Hair on the head grows from two to six years. On the body this phase lasts shorter 6-12 weeks. Anagen is the best phase when it comes to laser hair removal, because such hair treated with laser light will never grow back. The transition phase is called catagen. At this stage the hair is released from the bulb. Melanin is no longer produced, so there is no direct conductor of laser light beam.

Only a small amount of this energy reaches there. So of course the hair will fall out, but the internal structure of the hair is not destroyed. After some time, the phase of hair development will start again. The last stage is telogenem.

In the resting phase, the hair dies (removed from the skin).

At this stage, laser hair removal has no results. The hair follicle along with the matrix is in the dormant phase and is waiting for a signal to be restored to the growth phase.  Body physiology cannot be jumped even by the best technologies, that is why it is advisable to repeat laser hair removal treatment at least 3 times. Intervals between laser hair removal should be 8-12 weeks. It is necessary to perform subsequent treatments at regular intervals. In this way, the laser light beam will destroy the remaining hair in the growth phase each time.

Beauty salon in Warsaw recommends individual consultations with a cosmetologist to determine how many cycles should be performed in order to enjoy beautiful, smooth skin. This depends mainly on skin type, hair color and previous depilation methods.

Depilacja laserowa - dlaczego tak ważne są odpowiednie odstępy pomiędzy zabiegami

Laser hair removal – Indications

The treatment is intended for people who experience irritation after traditional methods of depilation. In order to achieve satisfactory results, laser hair removal should be properly prepared. One month before the treatment we should stop taking products containing retinols and the traditional methods of depilation. Two weeks before the treatment we should stop using herbs such as St. John’s wort and calendula. And at least two weeks before the procedure you should stop tanning, including tanning in a solarium and using self-tanners. This is an ideal solution for busy people who would not like to waste time on traditional hair removal, which, depending on the body part, is performed daily or at intervals of several days. Remember that you can sign up for treatments online!