Laser hair removal is commonly one of the most commonly performed treatments. The beauty parlour J’adore Institute also offers this service. It allows to get rid of unnecessary and unwanted hair in an effective way. The beauty salon in Warsaw offers high quality treatment with the use of state-of-the-art technology by experienced personnel. Painless laser hair removal is particularly recommended to be performed during the active phase of hair growth. To achieve the desired results it is recommended to perform several such treatments.

Recommendations before and after laser hair removal treatment

Painless laser hair removal will be properly performed if the patient will cooperate and follow the recommendations. It is required to limit the exposure of the body part especially to UV radiation for 14 days before the planned treatment. Therefore, at that time you should not visit a solarium or spend too long in the sun, especially in summer. Because tan can contribute to the disruption of the laser hair removal process. In addition, at the same time you should completely abandon such cosmetics, which contain retinoid derivatives and photosensitive ingredients. For a period of 3 weeks before the procedure, you should stop pulling out hair with tweezers or wax and do not use an epilator. On the appointed day of the procedure, you must not use deodorants and other cosmetics that come into direct contact with the skin. You may only epilate your skin, but use a disposable razor.

After the procedure you need to keep in mind a few important tips. Special emphasis is placed on not applying cosmetics directly to the skin for two consecutive days. Up to four days it is better to avoid physical activity, swimming in a pool and using a sauna. Up to two weeks you should not expose the epilated area to UV rays.

Soprano ice laser equipped with a cooling head

Painless laser hair removal is possible thanks to the use of sopraco ice for the treatment. This reliable laser is equipped with a cooling head as compared to other traditional methods. Among its advantages is the fact that the head is in constant motion. The treatment does not hurt and it’s fast. This device will perfectly deal with both dark and lighter hair, and it can be used regardless of your complexion type. Another important advantage is the safety for human health and life when using Soprano Ice. The ICE cooling head effectively cools the skin. The patient will only feel a pleasant chill.

What areas can be treated?

Painless laser hair removal can be performed on almost every area of the human body. Mostly in places where there is most unwanted hair. From legs, to buttocks, bikini area, and ending with the chin or forearms. At the cosmetic surgery at J’adore Institute, excess hair can be removed for both men and women. Among the female group, the specialists perform the procedure mainly on the thighs and calves. In addition, the procedure can also be performed in the area of the moustache. Another part of the body that undergoes laser hair removal is the underarms, as well as the bikini area. The male patient group, on the other hand, can choose to perform the treatment with soprano ice on the neck, abdomen and chest. Other areas characterized by more hair in men are the buttocks and even the feet.

Bezbolesna depilacja laserowa


Painless laser hair removal in J’adore Institute

Painless laser hair removal in Warsaw is a guarantee of smooth skin and getting rid of unwanted hair on the selected body part. By carrying out 6 treatments at an average interval of 6-8 weeks you can end the problem with ingrown hair. You should allow about 20 minutes for the treatment, so it does not take long. You can book treatments online!