It is widely known that every woman likes to feel good about her body. Unfortunately, complexes faced by over 76% of women surveyed around the world do not always allow to feel confident. Fortunately, cosmetology and aesthetic medicine come to the aid of improving one’s body or face. An example is permanent makeup, otherwise known as lip and eyelid micropigmentation. It is an alternative to invasive, surgical procedures. It involves the insertion of pigments under the skin using a specialized, very thin needle.

Everything is done under local anesthesia and using disposable instruments, so there is no need to be afraid of pain. The advantages of such makeup are primarily durability, natural look, improving the shape or color of the lips or highlighting and lifting the eye, as well as time saved by not having to do makeup every day. Permanent eyeline and lip lines successfully replaces lipstick or eyeliner. So even just after waking up we will look fresh and beautiful, just like from the catwalk. The cosmetic salon in Warsaw, J’adore Institute, will be happy to accept you for the treatment.

Kreski permanentne na powiekach i ustach - co warto wiedzieć przed planowanym zabiegiem. Permanent eyeliner


Lip micropigmentation – there are several factors to keep in mind that affect the quality and results of the procedure. First of all, we must make sure that our lips are not dry and chapped. A few days before an appointment at the beauty parlor, it is worth to perform a lip scrub. It can be a product purchased at the drugstore. There is also the option of making it from natural ingredients available at home (eg sugar, olive oil and shea butter). In addition, you need to take care of moisturizing with lipsticks designed for this purpose.

Preparation for permanent eyeline consists in not using any cosmetics around this area before the procedure, as well as removing artificial, extended eyelashes. Additionally, it is worth taking care of hydration and vitamin C to strengthen the blood vessels. You should also avoid excessive sun exposure and exfoliating treatments.

No alcohol should be consumed 24 hours before permanent eyeline and lip lines. The skin must be clean and not irritated. The cosmetic surgery in Warsaw will determine individual recommendations accordingly.

Kreski permanentne na powiekach i ustach - co warto wiedzieć przed planowanym zabiegiem, Permanent eyeliner


After micropigmentation, special creams should be used to prevent infections and facilitate healing. These products must be oily and rich in vitamin E or panthenol. Mouths should not be washed with soap or any other specific products but one should follow the recommendations of the linergist (the person who performs the procedure) – that is moisturize, avoid sun, swimming pool, sauna, do not touch the scabs, give up hot drinks and foods and as a result of prior consultation even take anti-viral medications to avoid infection or herpes.

The same applies to eyelid care. Do not pick off scabs, use cleansers or apply makeup for the first few days. It is not recommended to scratch, soak or rub the skin.

The healing process usually causes some pain and discomfort. Micropigmentation (Permanent Lines) may make the lips or eyelids swollen, sensitive. The skin will become flaky and itchy, and scabs will form. However, not to be entirely negative – the skin has the ability to regenerate quickly. With proper, careful care, everything should return to normal after less than a month. Obligatorily, after 4-6 weeks you need to undergo another procedure in a cosmetic salon – re-pigmentation (filling in any gaps and deficiencies in the makeup).

The rate of healing is a very individual issue. It is affected by many factors – our age, skin type and condition, immune system and care for the micropigmented area. All doubts will be dispelled by linergists in the cosmetic salon in Warsaw. J’adore Institute office has qualified, helpful staff, who will answer all your questions both before and after the procedure. Permanent eyeline and lip lines are an innovative step in improving your beauty and a good way to improve your self-esteem! You can make an appointment for our treatments online!