Permanent lip makeup is a type of tattooing that involves shallow placement of pigment under the skin. The cosmetic salon J’adore Institute performs this procedure emphasizing in a beautiful way the outlined lips, which are the dream of almost every woman. After many years, it is back in fashion again. The cosmetic salon in Warsaw ensures that the permanent lip makeup is performed by experienced people.

Permanent lip makeup – what does the procedure look like?

Permanent lip makeup consists of several stages. First of all, the specialist has to conduct a detailed interview with the patient. to find out if she has any contraindications. At the consultation appointment she has to answer any questions regarding her health condition. This is one of the most important parts. The next step is to apply an anesthetic ointment on the lips. After it, the linergist will make a target drawing of the lip shape. At this stage, the appearance of the lips can still be corrected – something can be improved, reduced, etc. The next course of treatment is the application of pigment.

Permanent lip makeup starts with making a contour, which makes the lips look even fuller. Only then is the entire area filled with dye. The make-up technique involves the use of disposable and sterile needles. It allows the pigment to be introduced into the skin.

On average, the procedure takes about 2 hours, but after about 4 weeks it is recommended to refill the dye. After a few days, the skin may begin to peel. By enhancing the color, the makeup touch-up will be able to cover the previously exfoliated pigment.

Makijaż permanentny ust. Dlaczego warto go wykonać, Permanent lip makeup

Permanent lip makeup – how should I care for my lips after makeup?

After the procedure, the lips will be swollen, which is a natural process. At the very beginning, the color will be most pronounced. The swelling usually goes down after about three days.

If you want to maintain permanent lip makeup, you need to follow some important recommendations. First of all, the lips should be handled more gently than before. During the first week it is advisable to take antiviral medications to prevent the herpes virus. It is important to moisturize the skin of the lips with water only, even several times a day. The patient must remember not to soak, wash or scrub his lips after the procedure.

To other recommendations must be added such as, among others, limitation of visits to the solarium or swimming pool. Disinfection is extremely important both before and after eating. During this time the lip skin must not be exposed to bacteria and other viruses. For a few days after the permanent lip makeup procedure you should also avoid eating hot and spicy food and it is better to drink beverages through a disposable straw.

After the protective period, you can resume your normal routine, but it is still recommended to protect your lips from excessive sun exposure so that they do not peel. If this happens, the pigment will last much shorter than it should.

Makijaż permanentny ust. Dlaczego warto go wykonać, Permanent lip makeup

Permanent lip makeup – how long does the effect last?

Permanent lip makeup is an investment that lasts from 2 to 3 years if the patient follows the recommendations that were discussed in detail in the beauty salon. If the linergist’s rules are followed, the lips will look beautiful. There is no need to use lipsticks or lip glosses for a long period of time.

Permanent lip makeup – recommendations after the procedure

After healing, permanent makeup will last if the patient does not allow the pigmented skin to become too dry or too tan. In addition, strong peelings may not be used at the site of the procedure. Until all scabs come off you should avoid colored drinks such as red wine, coffee. To avoid possible infection, it is advisable to use disposable cups outside the home. Remember that the treatment can be booked online!