Pregnancy is a unique state in the life of every woman, when she must take exceptional care of herself, her health and well-being. After all, the health of the baby largely depends on the woman! It is commonly believed that a pregnant woman should not use most cosmetic procedures during this sensitive period. In order not to expose her baby to the harmful substances contained in some cosmetics. It turns out, however, that it is not worth being so overzealous – pregnant women should also take care of themselves. And they have a whole range of delicate cosmetic procedures to choose from! What can you enjoy in a safe and non-invasive way? Read all about safe cosmetic treatments for moms-to-be!

Pregnancy and cosmetic procedures-is there anything to be afraid of?

Some cosmetic or skin care treatments are not recommended for pregnant women for a simple reason. They use a variety of cosmetics that can be absorbed through the skin into the woman’s bloodstream, thereby harming the baby. In addition, often the skin of a pregnant woman is much more delicate and sensitive to external factors. Different skin reactions may occur in response to certain treatments or cosmetics. Nevertheless, the modern-day cosmetics market offers a whole lot of beauty and skin care treatments. The recommended treatments are completely safe for the future mother. And they can be performed without fear at any stage of pregnancy. During this exceptional period of pregnancy it is worth taking care to feel well groomed and beautiful. After all, the mood of the mother affects the baby!

Don’t be afraid to take care of yourself while pregnant!

One of the first treatments you should consider in order to have beautiful, clean and healthy skin is the Dermaquest treatment series. It is based on its assumptions on full safety of the skin care process. It contains several stages, each based on safe and natural products. Depending on what effects we expect, we can cleanse, firm our skin or even out its color. Currently, it is one of the most effective and best treatments of this type in the world. Whose course was developed by American scientists.

Dermaquest is based largely on enzymes naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables, such as papaya or pumpkin. This treatment is completely safe for pregnant women, because there is no risk that any substances used can harm both the woman and the baby! During pregnancy, it is also a good idea to take advantage of gentle moisturizing and anti-allergenic treatments. Such as Skeyndor, which are based on water bonds and hyaluronic acid. Gentle cleansing along with deep moisturizing is very beneficial for tired and dehydrated skin. It is therefore ideal for pregnant women who want to look fresh and radiant!

Minimally invasive safe treatments for pregnant women!

A pregnant woman in a beauty salon has nothing to fear when surrounded by specialists. Also endermologie of the face and body skin, which often arouses controversy among the public is as safe as possible if it is carried out in a manner tailored to the pregnant woman. This treatment is a non-invasive method of mechanical stimulation of deeply located skin cells. Which is also completely natural and extremely effective. It causes natural support of skin cells regeneration. It also smoothes wrinkles and reduces fatty tissue on both the face and body. For pregnant women, it is recommended to perform such treatments only on the legs. If you are struggling with the problem of water cellulite, excess body fat, then this treatment is perfect for you!

Your well-being is our priority!

Apart from a number of skin care and moisturising treatments available on the market also for pregnant women, it is also worth taking care of such important aspects of your appearance as hair, eyebrows and nails. And despite the belief that hair should not be coloured while pregnant. Hairdressers now have access to special gentle hair dyes. They give the same effect as traditional products, but they are safe for the woman and the baby.

A pregnant woman in the salon can count on complete safety and service at the highest level due to her unique condition. Pedicure, manicure, eyebrow adjustment or eyelash care are activities that we usually repeat every month or more often. The state of pregnancy should not make us give up these pleasures! A well-groomed mother is also a happy and satisfied woman – the baby will surely feel these positive emotions! In J’adore salon both in Krakow and Warsaw we take care of every client, especially those in a blessed state! In our offer you will find the treatments listed here, which are completely safe for pregnant women!

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