If you are expecting a baby, you probably already know very well that this is both a magical and difficult time. The new life growing inside you causes a number of changes in the whole body. Along with gaining additional kilograms, other inconveniences and problems appear, which are difficult to cope with. There is a lot of talk about overloading the spine, but feet are rarely mentioned. And as a result of pregnancy they are often in a sorry state. Remember about your feet and take care of them as soon as possible!

Your whole body is changing, including your feet

A growing belly is not the only change that takes place in a woman’s body when she is expecting a baby. Of course it is the most visible, but with each additional kilogram there are more and more ailments, also concerning our feet. As a result of the secretion of pregnancy hormones, including relaxin, ligaments in the feet are significantly loosened. The effect of this may be, among others, enlargement of their size even by half a number. It turns out that shoes, which have so far been extremely comfortable, start to press. Abrasions, corns and calluses are unfortunately the grey reality of pregnant women.

What is the advice?

Unfortunately, you can’t go everywhere in slippers. But the best idea is to buy the right shoes in the right size. Preferably flat and made of the highest quality material and proper professional care. Another inconvenience you will have to face as a mom-to-be is swelling and puffiness. During pregnancy, the body tries to prevent dehydration by storing water intensively. Which results in a significant limitation of mobility and can also be painful.

Remember your feet

The motorics of gait affect the spine – think of your feet

If you suffered from degenerative diseases or any deformities – such as flat feet or hallux values. Before pregnancy, they may become even more pronounced and visible during pregnancy. In addition, the increasing strain placed on the feet, causes problems with the correct positioning of the feet when moving. Unfortunately, the consequences of this can be quite serious. Along with the change in gait motility, joint and spinal problems arise, which is already a complicated condition.


Can this be remedied?

The best thing to do is to eat a healthy diet and engage in physical activity appropriate to your condition. It is also necessary to take care of it properly, which unfortunately can be quite problematic. Large abdomen effectively blocks free access to the feet, besides you need to know how to take care of feet effectively, without worsening their condition. A good solution is to go to a professional beauty salon, where professionals take care of your feet. Thus, you will gain priceless moments of rest and relaxation, and you will feel unusual lightness, which is quite difficult in your condition.

Ingrown nails? Act quickly!

Foot swelling often extends to the nail shafts. Add to that shoes that are too tight, it’s pretty much a certainty that you’ll start complaining of ingrown toenails during the second or third trimester of pregnancy. This is one of the most common pregnancy complaints.  Not least because pregnant women have to cut their nails blindly – they can’t see their feet from behind their prominent abdomen. Ingrown nails are extremely painful, and can also contribute to serious complications such as infections. As a last resort, you may even need surgery. If you want to guard against this, the safest method is to get a pedicure at a beauty salon.


It is best to do this regularly to prevent your nails from growing in.

The beautician will not only shorten but also shape the nails to prevent ingrown nails in the future. There’s nothing stopping you from opting for colored polish, either. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look beautiful and feel well cared for. It will definitely benefit your well-being. In case you missed the moment to cut your nails and they have already grown in or you did it incorrectly – nothing lost. A professional beautician will correct your mistakes, and you will feel comfortable again.

Remember your feet! – Massage will bring real relief

Rough, dry skin and cracked heels can be a real nuisance. Especially during pregnancy, when you can’t take care of them yourself. Foot skin, which has no sebaceous glands, is particularly prone to dryness, and improper care increases this problem. When you’re pregnant, it’s even harder to prevent dry feet due to the aforementioned factors such as heavy pressure on the feet or too-tight shoes. Hard, rough to the touch heels are unpleasant and can be painful. A beauty salon is the best place to go with these problems. The use of appropriate cosmetics will help regain a beautiful appearance and velvety smoothness.

The range of treatments will also include something for swelling and fatigue. Maybe a relaxing massage, which will relax and bring relief to your feet? What’s more, as a result of such massage hips and knees will also be relieved – motor skills will improve. And you’ll feel light as a feather despite extra weight. The comfort of your feet translates into the quality of your whole life, so take care of them with professionals. J’adore Instytute in Krakow and Warsaw is the right place to ask for help with all the above mentioned problems.
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