Do you realize that the right footwear is the key to healthy and well maintained feet? If you suffer from a recurring problem of ingrown nails – choosing the right footwear can be crucial! Each of us would like to enjoy immaculately beautiful, delicate feet, not only for aesthetic reasons. But also for their own comfort during everyday activities. Sore feet and, as it turns out, other parts of our body not only contribute to physical discomfort, but definitely affect the whole course of our day. Many of us unfortunately do not know how to choose the perfect shoes for ourselves. Do you have any problem with that too? We will try to help you prevent unpleasantness such as ingrown nails, fingerprints and fashion. And don’t worry if you only have one of these problems – we’ll help you to deal with it!

HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT SHOE? Check how you can avoid the problem of ingrown nails.

First of all, the shoe should be individually adjusted to each foot, so that everyday functioning is not limited in any way. You can say that it is obvious that the size of the shoe is the most important. But it is also often complicated. A shoe must be neither too small nor too big. When the foot is not properly stabilized, you are exposed to mechanical damage and injuries. Too small a shoe presses the foot and may cause its deformation. Ideally, if there is some space left between the tips of the toes and the toe (about half a number). The width of the tip should correspond to the shape of the foot and the heel should not be compressed, but simply held by the shoe.

Unfortunately, the problems that occur due to poorly chosen shoes are not limited to the foot problems.

It affects other parts of our body, such as our back, knees, hips or neck – which definitely has a negative effect on us. We feel discomfort and general fatigue while doing anything. Here, another important thing we should pay attention to is the profiled and well-chosen sole. Therefore, before buying shoes, it is important to specify what they are intended for us.

Additionally… Have you ever wondered if the time of day plays any role in choosing shoes? Probably not, so you may be surprised by the answer, because YES! If you are going shopping in a shopping mall or other stationary store. Take into account that your feet look different at different times of day. When is the best time to go shopping? In the afternoon! Then your feet are already slightly swollen. Which is more demanding, so you will be able to choose the perfect shoes for them.

And the insoles? What is the function of insoles, which can often be bought separately at the checkout? If you feel that the size is too big, with the smaller one too small, you can use such insoles. Remember that the material they are made of is important – your foot on a well-made insole will breathe. Of course, they also have other uses, such as preventing abrasions, but everything depends on your needs!


Since you already know something about the choice of footwear, now a little bit about what to do with foot disorders. Maybe you just realized that your shoes are not perfect at all? And that it’s because of them, now you’re fighting with prints, plaque or ingrown fingernails? Or maybe your feet just need regeneration? Do you want to have smooth and well maintained feet, healthy nails? Make an appointment for a pedicure at our Institute We will help you!

The formation of prints is nothing more than a defensive reaction of the skin to the pressure in a given place. Fashion, although similar to fingerprints, usually appear on the soles of the feet by their pressure on hard surfaces. Both prints and motifs cause pain and make walking much more difficult. Sometimes they can be removed with slices, but the effectiveness of this solution leaves much to be desired. Fashion that is already neglected and that causes pain during every step should not be removed at home alone. It is best to go to a specialist who will take care of your problem in an appropriate way, if you are looking for such help, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer right now!


On the other hand, ingrown fingernails are no less burdensome.

Just like fingerprints and fashion can cause pain, this time not only when walking. When preventing ingrown nails, it is very important to systematically cut the nails, trying not to disturb their side parts. Unfortunately, even with great care, it happens that the nails start to grow. However, when it is too late for prevention, we recommend pedicure in our office, which not only helps in the fight against ingrown nails, but also helps with bursting heels. Maybe you just need regeneration for your tired feet? We can do it! The treatment is also worth doing when we want to take care of the external appearance of our feet – not only improves their condition, but gives us a sense of comfort and confidence. Try it!

We invite you to contact us – treatments can be performed in our salons in Warsaw and Krakow – J’adore Institute. You can make an appointment via the online form.