Feet are one of the most exploited body parts in the human body. They provide the mobility necessary for everyday existence, freedom of movement, which plays such an important role in maintaining health. And in addition to facilitating necessary and routine activities, they enable the pursuit of passions. Paradoxically, it is also the part of the body we think about least. This is because feet are not visible for most of the year.

Usually hidden in shoes (which are often pretty rather than comfortable) or in socks or tights.  They are pushed to the “end of the line” in our daily body care routine – quite differently from our face or hands. This is a paradox because the feet are subject to the greatest discomfort of all the extremities. It is the feet that support the weight of the entire body, whether standing, walking, or running. Check why foot massage is so important.

Foot as the foundation of the body

Gait begins with the foot, and its proper functioning affects the whole motorics of movement. Women in particular are exposed to various discomforts felt in feet, due to footwear they often choose. Heels of any kind – whether stiletto heels or innocent platforms – change the angle of the foot in relation to the ground. Consequently, they expose muscles and tendons of the foot to work in an unnatural position. This causes much more exhaustion at the end of the day, and thus increases the likelihood of injuries. The foot, despite its small size, is a highly complex and precise mechanism. It consists of 26 bones connected by 33 joints. Which are additionally strengthened by as many as 107 tendons and ligaments. The movement occurring in it is conditioned by the work of many muscles.

foot massage

For the proper functioning of this part of the body, and through this also for the correct movement patterns and overall posture. All these “modes” must interact impeccably and in an exemplary manner. They are determined by each other, which means that they do not work separately. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of every tendon and every muscle. And also to prevent possible discomforts of the feet, which, as you can see, are the foundation of the body.


Through the burden of everyday difficulties with a light step

Every woman has her own story and every woman has her own problems. Therefore, a significant help in passing the hardships of everyday life is to take care of perpetually busy feet. One of the best ways to soothe tired leg muscles is a massage. It is an increasingly appreciated treatment, which has a beneficial effect on the health and proper functioning of lower limbs. Massage helps to relax and restore natural flexibility to overworked muscles. In the face of so many adverse factors to which women’s feet are exposed, it is very important. Not only high-heeled shoes, but also inappropriately chosen ones – e.g. too tight or too loose – deprive feet of their natural mobility. And yet, hardly any footwear is perfectly tailored to a given foot. Therefore, usually every pair of shoes has its own minor or major flaw.

Successive change of natural foot position

by frequent wearing of a given pair of shoes leads to a number of lower limb dysfunctions. Due to the height of heels, some muscles become overstretched and others shortened. On the other hand, shoes that are too narrow or have a tapered front, apart from the desired effect of optically slimmer foot, also bring disadvantage in the form of continuous contracture of the metatarsals and toes. As a result, many degenerations may occur. These include flat feet, sole contracture, heel spur or plantar fasciitis, as well as hallux valgus, which is very painful and embarrassing for many women.

Massage focuses on all muscle groups of the foot. By loosening them it allows the foot to relax and return to a neutral position. The masseur achieves this by applying pressure to selected muscle groups and sections, as well as stretching them. In places that are most tense and therefore require special attention, a transverse massage will bring great results. Its technique involves working across muscle fibres, tendons and ligaments, which immediately regulates their tension. It also improves blood supply to affected tissues. It also leads to better regeneration, which makes the patient feel lighter and stays lighter longer after the treatment.

Foot massage nowadays and foot massage in the past

Nowadays, massage takes on a new dimension. In addition to its obvious therapeutic, preventive and sporting function, it is also becoming a field of cosmetic-hygienic and relaxation. More and more often we are beginning to see the benefits of a holistic approach, which in making a diagnosis of the whole organism, takes into account all of its components. Interestingly, alternative medicine has been using foot massage to treat all kinds of ailments since ancient times.

Reflexology, -(foot massage) as this field of pseudoscience is called, distinguishes zones of the feet, the appropriate compression of which helps in the treatment of the heart, liver, brain, and other important organs, with which, according to reflexologists, these areas of the feet correspond. This is, of course, a method that is not confirmed by science. However, taking into account the pleasure and relaxation that a massage brings. For the sake of non-health aspects alone it can’t hurt to treat yourself from time to time. Therefore, guided by the recently fashionable attentiveness and gratitude, it is worth “leaning over” your feet and thanking for their daily toil, for example by buying them a massage. Treatments are available in salons of J`adore Institute in Warsaw and in Cracow.
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