The period of autumn and winter is the perfect time for you to completely rebuild the condition of the skin – to bring the youthful glow, a soft radiance, get rid of dead skin, blackheads and spots or winkles. During the summertime it’s impossible for us to perform certain procedures, because of the sunlight. However, during the colder months of the year, when there is much less of the natural sun, you can safely try laser procedures, peels or other beauty treatments . So let’s take advantage of this.
How to effectively improve your skin .

How to improve your skin condition and get perfect skin ?

We love the summer time! We also know how hard is to get rid of the skin problems caused by sun. Dry skin, discoloration and breaking blood vessels are the most common effects of sunlight and salt water. So what should you do to get rid of these problems? Take advantage of various types of chemical peels.

One of the most recommended is mandelic acid, which can significantly change the appearance of the skin and at the same time is a very safe method. Almond treatment is a professional exfoliation of dead skin with the help of AHA acid. It is one of the best treatments for聽 problematic skin. It can also be used on the neck, neck and even the back.


perfect skin

Mandelic acid in cosmetics – its beneficial effects

Acid brights skin tone, removes dead and dried-skin, moisturizes, smoothes. It is effective when it comes to the tightens the skin of the face and removes pores. It also reduces the amount of sebum. This is especially important when somebody has problem with acne.

Mandelic acid is focused mostly on the epidermis, so it is safe, free of complications and well-tolerated by most skin types. It’s delicate, but effective.聽

This type of peeling is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin or high skin phototype.聽

You should know that mandelic acid, as a small acid, AHA (alpha hydroxy), has a strong antibacterial effect.

There are also other great peels apart of mandelac peel. For example: Argipeel, Glicopeel, Retinol (Retix C or Retises CT), Ferulac, Salipeel which also give spectacular results!

If you are wondering how to lighten the skin on the face, you should try argipeel聽 treatment. This modern chemical peel is a combination of arginine and lactic acid. It regenerates, exfoliates, moisturizes and lightens the skin, bringing it radiant appearance. It brings unique effect, and at the same time is very delicate, so you can perform this treatment around eyes. It allows us to get an impressive effect of refreshing look, remove sad facial expression, shadows under the eyes and removes dead skin.

Another technique that can give us results is Retises Ct or RETIX C.

Mentioned products are part of a modern treatment. They are based on a number of active ingredients;
retinol, vitamin C and antioxidants complex. This is an excellent option for a person who is interested in beauty treatments focused on anti-aging effect. Deciding on retinol treatment, you get the following benefits: smoothing the skin, stimulate collagen and elastin cells to rebuild, reducing discoloration, visible rejuvenation and brightening skin, reducing wrinkles, and skin hydration.

Autumn and winter period is the best time to focus on our skin. It’s the perfect time to try exfoliating and laser treatments. With our help you will enjoy your 聽perfect skin

perfect skin

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