Hands are a showcase of all of us. Enjoy the services of professional manicure and regenerating treatments for hands. In our salon we work using the highest quality enamels and products for hand care and nail care by OPI, Gelish, Mollon and Gehwol. In addition to beauty treatments and a range of hand care aesthetic treatments, we also offer treatments such as reconstruction of the nail plate.  

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    Classic manicure is the primary professional care treatment for hands, which is to develop the nail plate, remove skins, assign the appropriate shape of the plate and apply nutrient regeneration. It is designed for all women who want to take care of their hands and nails, restoring them to pristine appearance.

    Classic manicure is an excellent treatment for every woman. Regardless of whether a person prefers natural, unpainted nails, or covered with color polish. The procedure can be terminated only with the layer of nutrients to the nail plate (option: classic manicure) or we can extend it by painting it in one color, in french type or with ornaments (option: manicure with polish).

    Manicure with cutting out the skins or without?

    A manicurist always adjusts the type of treatment to the needs of the hand and the requirements of clients. Then skins can be pulled back using a special chisel rosewood or cut out with special pliers… Generally, in patients who used to cut out the skins, this method is continued because they tend to rise quickly to the plate.

    How does the treatment look like?

    After determining the details on how to take care about the skins, about nail shape and type of polish, we proceed to the implementation of proper treatment. Manicurist disinfects the skin, and then puts the hands of the client to special containers with water to soften the skin slightly. If you decided to cut out the skins, before this action a special gel is applied also to them. Removing the skins is followed by profiling the shape of the plate, possibly shortening the nails and polishing them. At the end, special nail regenerative product is applied. When nails are dry, the manicurist massages your hands and nail plates with professional nourishing cream to restore the skin’s proper circulation, moisten it and strongly regenerate.

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    The course of this procedure is similar to the above described procedure of classical manicure, with the difference that in this case, the nails are also polished in a chosen colour. Professional, experienced and creative manicurists working in our premises are eager to perform additional decorations with cubic zirconia, handmade paintings and other artistic ornaments in the type of lace, camouflage, mermaid effect or brocade manicure.

    Classic manicure with polishing gives many opportunities for styling. Not only in terms of color and embellishments used, but also regarding the shape of the plate. It allows us to highlight the nature of a client and beautify her everyday image.

    Manicure performed in our premises is characterized by high durability. We use professional paints, including lacquer base and so called top coat that not only shines the plate and provides a luxurious culmination of the entire operation, but also prevents the paint from chipping and rubbing.

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    Hybrid manicure is the most durable manicure done to the natural plate. It is much more durable than the classic painting. For it, we use special types of gel varnishes which are cured in a LED lamp and do not require additional time to dry.

    Hybrid manicure lasts approximately three weeks. The paint is characterized by high gloss and durability. It has perfectly even color. It is not prone to damage. The only thing that can disturb us after a few weeks after the procedure is natural regrowth of the plate. Any chipping or abrasion of the paint, in the case of healthy nails, is very rare – usually occurs after three weeks, which is when the client arranges for another treatment.

    Hybrid is recommended to all those who want to enjoy a perfect manicure as long as possible. For women who are busy, hectic or perfectionists.

    In J’adore Institute we work on the best products (OPI, Mollon and Gelish), which guarantee the highest quality. We have over 200 colors to choose from. We can make thousands of different ornaments.

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    Japanese manicure is an unusual type of nail plate care which gives a unique glow and makes the hands look very neat and naturally beautiful. It is not a color treatment. Obtained appearance of the nail plate can be compared to polishing with a good conditioner, but in this case it presents much better, more natural.

    Japanese manicure is a treatment for both women and men. During the procedure, the nail plate is rubbed with special paste of natural silica, which gives nails strong shine, nourishes, polishes, smooths and strengthens them. Suitable polishing techniques make the effect very strong and lasting up to 3 weeks.

    Japanese manicure is also a great regenerative treatment, which can be used in the intervals between successive pipette tips or gel nails. It is ideal for damaged, dry or splitting plates. It lets get the effect of naturally perfect nails

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    Not every woman can boast with long and strong nails. Some people struggle with thin, brittle and fragile nail plates. Although short nails that are properly groomed and painted in appropriate colors, can present attractive, not every woman will be pleased with them, and this is completely understandable. Long and strong nails are considered still to be synonymous with sex appeal and femininity.

    Fortunately, you can do gel manicure, which allows you to extend the natural plate or give it a more attractive shape. As a result, we are able to do a lot of interesting ornaments, which are not suitable for a short plate.

    Nail gel is one of the most popular methods of manicure treatments.

    Gel manicure is very durable. It allows you to model the nail as you want. During the procedure, it is possible to extend the nail plate, which is made on a special form. This is an excellent alternative to tips which are out of fashion nowadays.

    The gel can also be applied directly to the nail plate. Due to the increase of the nail and regrowth after about 3 weeks it is advised to perform so called supplementation or a brand new manicure with a change of color and pattern.

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    Reconstruction of nails is a professional treatment, which aims to create a new nails confusingly similar to natural. Reconstruction can be done on tips or gel form. This service is used by people who broke one or more nails, or those who because of biting have a short plate and would like to extend it.

    Reconstruction is also a method to repair and strengthen of a partially broken nail.

    How does nail reconstruction look like?

    In most cases, we uses gel manicure, which is cured under the lamp. In this way, you can strengthen the entire plate, if it is fragile, eg. by applying the gel to the whole nail or creating the shape of the nail from scratch using the paper forms, on which nail gel is shaped to be formed; then the form is taken out and we get an artificial fingernail, confusingly similar to a natural one.

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    Manicure SPA is a care treatment that is meant to upsize the primary, chosen by the client, manicure type with additional steps of SPA type. First of all, it begins with the execution of moisturizing and nutrition bath in water enriched with beauty care products, such as salts, natural rose petals, oils. It is followed by an exfoliating massage (with peeling), which removes dead skin from hands. The skin becomes oxygenated, smooth, gains back uniform color and microcirculation in the tissues is accelerated. Hands present themselves better, look healthier, younger, and well cared for. Then you can get professional and highly effective nourishing and moisturizing treatment on the basis of liquid paraffin. This is one of the best treatments regenerating skin of the hand that gives immediate results. Besides, a warm bath in the natural paraffin is extremely pleasant and relaxing for the client. At the end, the hand massage is performed using special creams and masks that contain a lot of active ingredients of a great influence on skin and nails.

    Spa Manicure is recommended to all people, including men, who want to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin of their hands. It should be performed also prophylactically, especially during autumn and winter, when our hands are exposed to adverse external factors, namely dry air occurring in heated rooms, frost and wind outside.

    Manicure SPA includes a comprehensive casre for the nail plate and cuticles, shaping plate and painting it, as well as an execution of unique exfoliating cleansing and regenerating paraffin bath. This is an excellent treatment for people in need of total hand renewal.

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    We offer a reconstruction or repair of single nails.

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    Treatment Price
    Manicure without polish 75 zł
    Manicure with conditioner 79 zł
    Manicure with polish 85 zł
    Manicure japanese 99 zł
    Manicure classic SPA (with paraffin and peeling)/ manicure shellack SPA 130 zł / 159 zł
    Manicure shellac on clean nail plate 119 zł
    Manicure shellac with protein base 125 zł
    Manicure shellac with shellac removal (made in J’adore Institute) 125 zł
    Manicure with shellac removal (made in different beauty salon) 145 zł
    Manicure shellac french 140 zł
    Gel manicure with shellac (no extension) 180 zł
    Gel manicure with extension 210 zł
    French gel with shellack and extension 219 zł
    Gel Nailart from 220 zł
    Refill – very long nails – (gel) / shellack protein base 185 zł
    Refill – very long nails gel – ( up to 3 weeks) 185zł
    Refill shellack protein base 155 zł
    Refill French gel 200 zł
    Manicure for men 85 zł
    Removal of gel 49 zł
    Removal of shellac (hands) 49 zł
    Removal of shellac (hands) + nail plate preparation 75 zł
    SPA treatment for hands (with/with no other treatment) 25 zł/40 zł
    Manicure for problematic nails 150 zł – 230 zł
    Nail art (babyboomer etc.) from 15 zł
    Classic manicure – change of nail color if the manicure was done 2-4 days earlier in our beauty salon, without preparing the nail plate 49 zł
    Regeneration of hands Chi-Yang gloves 80 zł
    Repair of one nail with shellac or gel 25 zł
    Repair of several nails with shellac or gel 40 zł
    IBX nail restoration system – first treatment 40 zł
    IBX nail restoration system – second treatment 35 zł
    IBX nail restoration system – for manicure treatment 140 zł
    IBX nail restoration system – for pedicure treatment 37 zł
    SPA add-ones parafin and scrub treatment 40 zł
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