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If you are looking for experienced doctors in Krakow who specialize in aesthetic medicine - you found the right place. J'adore Institute is proud to offer services that are safe, science-based, natural and highly effective . Everything considering your comfort, discretion and security. In our salon doctors perform non-invasive, innovative aesthetic treatments which will help to boost your natural beauty .J’adore Institute & Medispa is a full-service medical spa. Treatments are performed only by experienced and well-trained doctors working with products such as: Restylane, Stylage, Juvederm, Revitacare. In J’adore Institute we can efficiently reduce lines, folds and wrinkles, enhance contours and facial volume, , create fuller lips as well as improve skin quality, elasticity and structure. In our beauty salon you can also enjoy revitalizing and mosturizing skin treatments . You can be sure all the treatments are safe and will enhance your natural beauty. Aesthetic medicine Aesthetic medicine - treatments in aesthetic medicine are performed by qualified doctors, dermatologists and doctors of aesthetic medicine. In J'adore we perform most popular and most effective treatments, such as lip enlargement, the eradication of nasolabial wrinkles, filling smoker‘s wrinkles, crow's feet or changes in the valley of tears. Aesthetic medicine – Krakow In our salon in Krakow we also provide revitalizing skin treatments, facial contours and complex lifting treatments. Specialists are working on the best and most modern preparations, such as Juvederm, Stylage or Restylane, which guarantee full security of procedures and obtaining a natural effect. For whom are treatments in aesthetic medicine? Contrary to appearances, aesthetic medicine treatments are not only designed for the elderly, in whom the aging process of the skin is very visible. Aesthetic medicine can also be used in the case of young people, who may see the first signs of aging, or who want to prevent this aging. Aesthetic medicine is also a way to improve the oval shape and facial features, without interfering with the surgeon. What are the benefits of aesthetic medicine treatments? Treatments of aesthetic medicine, not only visibly improve the condition of the skin, the shape of the face and eliminate wrinkles, but also significantly improve the well-being of women. They influence positively on the personal level of self-acceptance and improve the quality of life. It is for these reasons that aesthetic medicine in Krakow and other cities has become so popular. The effects of all treatments are impressive and above all very quickly noticeable. Who performs treatments in the salon J'adore? In the field of aesthetic medicine we cooperate with Dr Lidia Majewska. We invite you to consultations. Below there is a list and description of the procedures performed in our salon. Beauty salon - Aesthetic Medicine Kraków. Top quality, best results.

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