Acne rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease of the face skin. It affects both women and men – in total it affects about 10% of the population. The persistent erythema on the face usually appears between 30 and 50 years of age and treatment is not easy. Sometimes it takes months or even years. If you also have this annoying dermatological problem head up! Rose acne can be eliminated or even completely eradicated. What do you need to know about rosacea if you want to get rid of it permanently?

Rose acne – how do you recognize it?

Acne rosacea – or rosacea – manifests itself as a permanent blush on the face, neck and cleavage. At the beginning of the disease, the erythema appears in the middle of the cheeks and around the nose. Then spreads to the rest of the face. In the early stages of the disease, the face reddens under the influence of nervousness or high temperature, while later the erythema becomes permanent. Of course, from time to time, everyone has characteristic erythema. Frequent causes of skin redness include the effects of certain drugs and alcohol, malfunctioning pancreas, hormonal problems and menopause. However, if you have not been diagnosed with any serious general diseases and the erythema does not go away, it may turn out that it is rosacea.

Along with it usually seborrhea and visible dilatation of capillaries, the so-called “spider veins”, also occur. The erythema is often accompanied by an unpleasant burning sensation and itching. In a more advanced inflammation of the skin, papules and subcutaneous pustules appear on the face. It can 聽even overgrown purulent tumors and infiltrates.

The earlier you take action to fight acne, the better! Pharmaceuticals can significantly improve the condition of your skin, but they often turn out to be insufficient. In such a case, it is best to go to a professional beauty salon, where a cosmetologist will select the best treatment for your skin.

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Peeling with azelaic acid

One of the most recommended treatments for people who suffer from rosacea is chemical peeling with azelaic acid. This is an extremely effective cosmetic ingredient, which is characterized by a wide spectrum of action. It shows anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, therefore it reduces inflammation and helps to get rid of unsightly pustules and lumps on the skin. This is considered to be one of the few agents that can significantly alleviate skin lesions occurring during rosacea. It has a whitening effect on the skin and lightens discoloration, blocking overproduction of melanin. Azelaic acid does not cause irritation, which is extremely important for sensitive and delicate skin.

The effect of the treatment is, among other things, sealing of blood vessels, narrowing of pores and regulation of sebaceous glands. In our beauty salons we use high concentrations of azelaic acid. Treatment allows us to achieve the most spectacular results, while maintaining safety measures. Rose acne can be effectively reduced.

EstGen treatment using sonophoresis

Sonophoresis is a kind of ultrasonic massage, which is performed with a special, technologically advanced device that produces sound waves. As a result of the ultrasound, cell membranes become more permeable, which makes the skin better able to absorb all nutrients and active ingredients contained in the preparations. In our salons sonophoresis is used before other treatments. For women and men who want to fight rosacea we recommend the treatment with the intelligent preparation EstGen. It is a unique, bioactive gel composed of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, growth factors, polyamides, hormones, nucleic acid derivatives and other natural ingredients. The combination of the preparation and sonophoresis allows to maximize the effect of the treatment.

The skin becomes visibly regenerated, and the inflammation is alleviated. Its reactivity is also reduced, which prevents the recurrence of erythema. The treatment itself also improves the hydrolipid coat of the face skin, which is its protective barrier.

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Laser treatment for rosacea

The last treatment that helps to relieve erythema on the skin is the Dye-VL laser. A special laser head provides energy to the deep layers of the skin. The energy acts on the changed cells, but does not affect healthy tissue. The laser inhibits overproduction of melanin, which is responsible for discoloration and uneven skin tone. As a result, the erythema is visibly reduced, the skin tone is more evenly distributed, and cracked capillaries are much more visible. As the laser stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin, it soon becomes more taut and smooth. To achieve the best results, a series of several treatments should be performed.

Acne rosacea can be dealt with! It is worth to use professional help and give your skin into the hands of specialists. In our beauty parlors J’adore Institute in Warsaw and Cracow we perform all the above mentioned treatments. Make an appointment for a consultation in one of our salons!