Do you suffer from stretch marks, postoperative or acne scars?聽Trust the right methods and forget about the problem today! Learn effective ways to eliminate scars and stretch marks.聽Scars and stretch marks are unsightly skin changes, which are very common not only among women. Some are caused by the lack of collagen in the skin, others by its excess.聽Not only pregnant and menopausal women face this problem. The problem also affects men, teenagers in adolescence, people with a tendency to frequent weight and weight fluctuations, and those taking steroid drugs. Stretch marks are also increasingly becoming a nightmare for athletes and bodybuilders.

Rapid growth of muscle tissue causes stretching of the skin, and thus the formation of scars, which often cause emotional discomfort.聽There are methods by which you can prevent the formation of scars or reduce their visibility.聽To minimize the risk of scarring, start eating healthy, exercising and hydrating your skin regularly. Control your weight, use creams and lotions.

Cyclically perform a home stretch mark scrub.聽If natural methods do not work, you can reach for the more effective ones and forget the problem once and for all.
The use of laser in treatments offered at J’adore Institute allows you to achieve long-lasting and sensational effects. With full discretion, safety and risk of complications.
Information about treatments

Do you want to enjoy strongly rejuvenated and regenerated skin?聽Put yourself in the hands of an experienced team at J’adore Institute! Forget about discolorations, scars, stretch marks and other body deficiencies.

sposoby na likwidacj臋 blizn, ways to eliminate scars

The Institute offers:

iPixel Alma Harmony Pro is nothing more than a laser peeling and skin revitalisation. Involving the treatment of acne and post-traumatic scars and the elimination of stretch marks.
The treatment leads to the creation of new and healthy skin cells for the patient. The effect? Very visible reduction of imperfections after the first treatment!

Fractional Mesotherapy + EstGen – is a combination of medical and cosmetic technology. It consists of a controlled puncture of the skin using microneedles. After proper selection of the depth of puncture, the treatment begins. The specialist leads the patient’s skin with a special device, puncturing it evenly. The treatment is aimed at:

  • elimination of shallow wrinkles
  • skin lift
  • intensive regeneration
  • shallow wrinkles and scars
  • Restoring a healthy skin toneThe EstGen Therapy is a tissue engineering used for complex skin reconstruction.
  • It supports cell and tissue growth by stimulating DNA cells.The treatment consists in introducing estGen preparation by means of fractional mesotherapy into deeper skin layers. The first effects can be seen after the first treatment, but full improvement can be noticed
    Only after 21-28 days after the procedure. What effects does estGen therapy give us?- Lightening of discoloration and prevention of its recurrence
    – alleviates acne changes
    – regenerates the epidermis after aesthetic medicine treatments
    – soothes symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, ASZ
    – has an antifungal and antiviral effect
    – visibly improves skin structure
    – thickens the face and body skin
    – helps to heal damaged epidermis and deeper wounds
As you can see the combination of these two treatments is even necessary, but worth it! You will enjoy the results for a very long time and you will forget what time is like.

Other ways to eliminate scars are chemical peelings (PQ age, PRX T-33) – these are non-invasive medical treatments that give similar effects as the above mentioned fractional mesotherapy. They provide deep stimulation without affecting the dermis. In short, fast revitalization without needles.

Indications for the procedure:
  • dry, thick and yellow skin
  • atrophic atrophic scars
  • deep wrinkles
  • revitalization of face, neck, cleavage and other body parts

sposoby na likwidacj臋 blizn, ways to eliminate scars

If you’ve ever looked for a youth potion, you’re lucky, J’adore Institute has it on offer, just come.聽Do not hesitate, feel beautiful today!

Laser emerge + carboxytherapy – laser emerge treatment is aimed at people with acne scars, postoperative, stretch marks, wrinkles and dilated skin pores.
Those who have long failed to fight wrinkles around the eyes, the so-called crow’s feet, will also be pleased. A modern laser performs a deep reconstruction of the skin undergoing the treatment.
Damaged cells regenerate quickly and are replaced by new, healthy tissue.

Carboxytherapy is a kind of novelty in striae removal. It is nothing but carbon dioxide therapy. It consists of subcutaneous or intradermal injection of controlled doses of carbon dioxide, which causes faster flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients.聽The effect of these actions is the production of collagen fibers by the body. This turn translates into the improvement of the process of formation of new blood vessels.聽During a significant improvement in the blood supply to tissues, there is better pigmentation, so stretch marks take on a natural skin color, making them almost invisible. Carboxytherapy is an effective and safe treatment, thus gaining more and more interest not only among women but also among men.

There are many people for whom external appearance is extremely important. The appearance of stretch marks imperfections then becomes a real disaster.
Combining treatments will allow you to forget about stretch marks, scars, discolorations and other skin imperfections that spend your sleep from your eyelids. As you can see there are various effective ways to eliminate scars.

It is important to approach each patient and their needs individually, and this will certainly provide you with J’adore Institute and its staff.

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