Nowadays, the choice of treatments in beauty parlors is enormous. Women take care not only of the face or nails, but also the whole body. These treatments not only improve the appearance and condition of the skin, but are also extremely relaxing and help to break away from everyday life. Well performed treatments can work wonders and completely change the whole figure, including body parts that are problematic for us. One of the treatments that millions of women have loved is endermology.

What is endermology?

Endermology is a procedure that helps in body shaping. It consists of performing a deep, mechanical vacuum massage with a device consisting of two rollers and a suction system. Vacuum activates and accelerates the metabolism of fat tissue. Body begins to stimulate the production of collagen fibers. This treatment can be performed on parts of the body. For example: thighs, abdomen or buttocks, but also on the whole body. In order to achieve spectacular results it is not enough to perform a single treatment. It is best to perform a whole series of 14 to 20 treatments (the so-called “treatment series”).

To strengthen the effects you should consume about 2.5 liters of water per day. In addition, reduce the consumption of fats and monosaccharides, and introduce dietary fiber. The last factor contributing to great effects is physical activity. If you don’t like to exercise, at least try to go for longer walks every day. The treatment takes about 30 minutes.

What are the effects?

Endermology has become extremely popular also because of its versatility. Its main effect is a much firmer and more elastic body skin, which looks much younger. In addition, this treatment helps to lose weight and reduce cellulite not only fat but also water cellulite. Thanks to the treatment, swellings are clearly eliminated and the silhouette is beautifully slimmed down. Body is modelled almost as if we were exercising in a gym. Not everyone knows that endermology is also a great treatment from the medical point of view – due to the intensive massage performed during it, blood and lymph circulation improves and stimulates vascularization.

This results in draining excess fluids and increased intercellular exchange, which in turn removes toxins from the body. This treatment is also ideal for treating ligament and tendon damage. In addition: elimination of swelling, knee, foot, hand, back, neck and muscle pain. The treatment is extremely soothing and relaxing – you will feel blissful relaxation afterwards.

endermologia, Endermology

What other treatments can be combined with endermology?

To achieve even better results, endermology can be combined with other body treatments. They will best complement it:

Storz Medical – a treatment that incorporates the effects of acoustic waves. It helps to break down advanced cellulite and fat tissue, using the natural processes that occur in the body.

Accent radiofrequency treatment – which is otherwise called “surgery without a scalpel”. It uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves to generate heat and heat the tissues. This results in lifting and firming the skin, improving skin contours and structure, removing fat tissue and reducing cellulite and removing body toxins.

Maximus Trilipo treatment – the only system on the market working not only on skin and fat cells but also on muscles. Its action therefore improves the appearance and condition of the skin. Also: models the figure, reduces fatty tissue and cellulite and strengthens the muscles.

Electrostimulation – consisting in attaching electrodes to the body at the motor points with the help of Velcro fastening bands.

Using low-frequency current, a muscle contraction is induced, similar to that occurring during physical exercise. Electrostimulation not only has a medical effect. It does not allow for the degeneration of the regenerated muscles, but also improves the appearance of the figure, breaks down cellulite, burns fat tissue and improves skin oxygenation.

Injection lipolysis – consists in injecting a thin needle into fatty areas of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate. This preparation dissolves fat cells, which are then replaced by fibrous tissue, resulting in shrinking of the skin at the injection site. Thanks to the treatment you can get rid of rollers on the abdomen. Other parts: back, underarms, rounded tummy or fat on the inside and outside of the thighs.

endermologia, Endermology

Carboxytherapy – introduction of carbon dioxide under the skin, which results in dilatation of blood vessels – body cells are then oxygenated, nourished and the skin looks better. Fat cells are the most sensitive to carboxytherapy – the introduction of carbon dioxide under the skin leads to fat breakdown. Carboxytherapy perfectly copes with cellulite, stretch marks, visible vessels or flabby skin.

Due to the vastness of the proposed treatments, each, even the most demanding client will find something for themselves.

The effects of treatments may turn out to be surprising – modern devices are able to largely replace painful plastic surgery. In this case – it is worth combining the pleasant with the useful and enjoy the beautiful, modelled body and feel relaxed and rested as a result of treatment.

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